Audials Informer Newsletter - Issue January 2014


New Audials charts with music and movies. Audials autoplay turns your music search into a radio station. The new smartphone app manages your clouds. Even without your own Windows computer Audials delivers top-notch entertainment with radio stations. Plus protection software from Kaspersky as Give Away of the Month!

Audials Charts, Tips & Tricks, Apps and the Latest News for Music and Videos


Contents Audials Informer January 2014



Audials users closed out last year in style with tons of music and movies. Now import the charts via wishlists and get the best music from December for free. To the charts


Audials’ Hidden Gems - Autoplay turns your PC into your own radio station

The improved music search function in Audials 11 lets you create your own radio rotation with just a click. To the workshop


APPetizers – New Functions for your Audials App for Smartphone and Tablets

The newest version of the free Audials app brings you the best radio stations to listen to and record as MP3s. Furthermore the Audials app delivers tons of additional features including music management functions for your clouds on your Android smartphones and tablets. Learn more


Audials Tips & Tricks: Find your stations directly or by genre

Explore the largest radio database any software has to offer. Would you like to learn how to find the best radio stations available to get your favorite music? Check out the workshop


Give Away of the Month: Protect yourself with Kaspersky Software

Protect yourself with this Audials discount on the latest Kaspersky security software and ensure your security against viruses and online threats, while banking online and from spyware on your PC, smartphone or tablet. Give Away


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