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Audials One 2016 – a „completely legal all-around package”


The recently released version, Audials One 2016, has been positively rated by new and existing customers as well as by other websites.


Audials One 2016 – a „completely legal all-around package”


DLH_Award_Gold_Final.jpg takes a Positive View on Audials One 2016

In the „” review, Audials One 2016 is described as offering „such wide range of functions for enjoying entertainment media in all its forms” like not „many other (legal) software options out there”. By bundling various programs such as „Audials Radiotracker”, „Audials Tunebite Premium”, „Audials Tunebite Platinum” and „Audials Moviebox”, Audials One 2016 is turned into a „one-stop media program”. Moreover, the newly added functions „make a lot of sense” in comparison to „previous versions”. 


Various Functions for Archiving Audio and Video Streams

Besides the function that „Internet radio broadcasts from all over the world [can be monitored] to find and record specific titles for you”, music TV streams are retrievable. „Streaming, recording, converting, copying, and archiving” audio and video streams from popular portals such as Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Spotify or Tidal is possible with Audials One 2016. The software even „automatically names” the recorded files. It also allows you to „record and archive files from DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, whether they’re copy-protected or not, and it’s totally legal”. A „radio app for smart phones and tablets, including iPhone and iPad” exists as well. 


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