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Opinions on the Audials 2016 Streaming Tools


What additional features are particularly useful in the context of audio and video streaming? Get it from tech bloggers who have dealt with software from Audials.



Opinions on the Audials 2016 Streaming Tools


Audials One and Audials Tunebite Platinum help you in recording music and video streaming as well as Audials Moviebox solely as video streaming recorder. But numerous other features are also highlighted by bloggers. Learn more about the streaming experts in the following reviews:

Out the Box

The popular American TV shows like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones have many fans, which follow all the seasons with enthusiasm and eagerly await the start of a new season. As a software that is very suitable for recording the series from well-known streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Audials Tunebite 2016 Platinum is proposed. Fans of series get with Audials Tunebite Platinum their money’s worth. With Audials, "the episodes are legally recorded to follow step by step the adventures of your heroes". But also whole series are saved thanks to the Audials software (Audials Tunebite Platinum, Audials One and Audials Moviebox) overnight as individual video files and in HD quality.

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With Audials Moviebox, everyone can "record live streaming videos effortlessly". This software can be used "with most video streaming and hosting services such as YouTube, Netflix, Showbox, iTunes, Vevo and many others". Recordings can also be made if you "just add the video’s link in the given space and let Moviebox do the rest". Moreover, "the quality in which you want to save the video" can be selected. A build-in converter ensures to be able to "play the recorded videos on any device", since "supported formats include WMV, MP4, MPEG4, AVI, 3GP and H.264". The media center allows you to access "all the downloaded, recorded and converted videos". 

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The HDRoom

Audials Moviebox is despite the apparent complexity perfectly suitable for novices. Audials Moviebox is a recorder for online videos that "features presets for major streaming sites". Moreover, users can "just enter a video’s URL into Audials Moviebox, select the format they wish to save it under and legally save it to the hard disk. Simple as that". It doesn’t matter "whether you’re an expert on everything there is to know about digital videos or a general user who just wants to use the program for quick and easy access to your favorite shows, movie clips or general web-only video content, Moviebox is set up to allow novice users to do their thing with minimal fuss and effort, while allowing more advanced users the opportunity to customize their recordings to their own particular tastes". Therefore, "Audials Moviebox is a great choice for anyone interested in freeing themselves from the restrictions that comes with online streaming, while still enjoying all the advantages that comes with it".

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Audials Tunebite 2016 Platinum supports you in "making the most of your streaming services". With the "leading streaming recorder", you can legally save "from all paid-for and protected media services". It doesn’t matter if you want to save "music, movies, video clips and TV series from paid streaming sites like Spotify or Video-On-Demand providers like Netflix", Audials Tunebite Platinum is your one-stop solution. In addition, the Audials software "automatically tags both your music and videos with universal ID3 tags but also allows you to edit any and all tags that you may wish to change or update". In this way, you can build an "offline video or music library". 

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Audials One 2016 gives an "all-in-one media experience to fans of music, movies and podcasts". It incorporates "features for legally recording audio as well as video". It can record "video streaming even from major top-flyer sites like Netflix or Amazon". Moreover, it is "the only software that can record entire seasons off these sites, episode by episode". The Music Wishes feature is "perhaps the most exciting function for music fans". By taking "your custom wishlists, including anything from specific albums to entire genres, [Audials One] constantly scans the internet and online radio stations for any time that your desired music shows up. This allows you to discover new music similar to your favourites, download entire radio shows that feature your favourite kinds of music and work with plugins from the wider community to further refine your search criteria". 

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Audials One 2016 supports you with all kind of issues with finding, recording, converting or organizing music or videos. The blogger also highlights this point by mentioning: "if there's anything you want to do with music online, let's say search for music, organize them, get the list of the top trending current tracks, Audials does all of that for you". But "it's not just about audios! You can even stream and record "video" files directly from leading platforms like Netflix, YouTube, iTunes, Dailymotion, Amazon, Hulu......(and the list goes on!)".

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Audials One 2016, referred to as "a media manager/recorder/player/and so-much-more software" by the blogger, includes functions "aimed at streaming audio and video, podcasts, and other forms of digital entertainment". Audials One 2016 is simple to use, but includes many expert functions so that "a user will still be discovering new ways to apply Audials One long after initially diving in". With the "Music Wishes feature […] someone could obtain 10 million music tracks from 1 million albums from 870,000 artists", which makes it "a seriously addictive tool". Besides all that, the "Music Search feature is a standout tool. It provides numerous artists to begin searching audio and video for, but you can also enter an artist, song, or sampler in a search field".

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Audials One is according to the blogger’s opinion, "the only music software you will ever need!" In terms of the list of features, Audials One 2016 "is tremendously huge!". Fully compatible on Windows 10,8,7 and Vista, this software records songs "with all the ID3 tags, artist-album information and even the song lyrics. And yes, it’s 100% legal!" Moreover, besides audio and video streaming, radio as well as music TV, a list of podcasts completes the range of functions: "Audials One runs on "self-updating" Podcast database – meaning, the list of Podcasts updates automatically. And the list is huge – 120,000 podcasts having 500,000 episodes!".

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Tech eHow

Audials Tunebite 2016 Platinum lets you "record music and videos off streaming services". In relation to music streaming, you are able to "save music from all the popular music streaming services such as Apple Music, Reverbnation, Spotify, Pandora and many others. All you need to do is launch Audials Tunebite [Platinum], select the Save Music option and then select the music streaming service you want to record the song off. Then just proceed to playing the song through the streaming service and Audials Tunebite will record it for you. The audio file will be saved in high quality for you to access later". Saving videos works "in pretty much the same manner as for audio files. Select the streaming service and proceed to play the video". There is also the opportunity to "save videos by entering the video’s URL in the given dialogue box. Choose the quality you want to save the video in and let Audials do the rest". With Audials, delivering you the best entertainment is simple as that. 

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