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Audials in the Digital Media


The features that are most appreciated in the Audials software are reviewed on blogs as well as Websites.



Audials in the Digital Media

Again, we have collected the online publication mentioning Audials software. High profile and experienced bloggers took time to try Audials One and discuss the many functions. Following are the summaries of their reviews:

The Upcoming

The online mag from London & NYC “The Upcoming” informs about music, cinema tech trends and many more. The author calls Audials Tunebite Platinum “a game changer” and “a multimedia revolution”. As part of the functions, recordings of “streamed music from Pandora or Spotify” and many other streaming services are not an issue anymore. The sound quality is better than in various other programs since “Tunebite records audio with the internal sound card, keeping it beautifully clear and crisp”. Additional information about recorded files such as “the song name, ID3 tags, lyrics and album pictures” are automatically added. Audials Tunebite Platinum is also a recorder for video streams and able to “automatically record entire seasons of your favorite TV shows from Netflix and Amazon Instant Video episode by episode”. 

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Digital Grog

Audials One is „pretty much an all-in-one online recording software“. If you are a paid subscriber of an audio or video streaming service and “want to keep a copy of what you paid for, that is when you need a good software that has these capabilities”. So the blogger “recently gave this software a go, and was quite pleased with it”. Also in terms of converting audio and video files, “Audials does a good job […]  and can convert media to the right format for smartphone, tablet and gaming consoles”.

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The blogger tested Audials Moviebox 2016 that he found “quite interesting because it is sort of a Swiss army knife to fetch videos on the web”. This software is indeed able to “play all sorts of videos from the Internet, be it streaming sites, video-sharing websites […] or video-on-demand platforms (Netflix and so forth)”. In this way, you can “finally go on vacation with the latest episodes of your series to watch on the plane!”.  

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Audials One is termed “a single suite for your entertainment needs“. Audials One is the ideal tool for “multimedia fans like you that would help you enjoy your favorite videos, movies, music, and podcasts”. If you download music or videos, it can happen that “the file format is not compatible with your device”. Audials One resolves also this issue with an integrated converter. Primarily, Audials One gives you “legal and free access to 10,000,000 music tracks from 1,000,000 albums by 870,000 artists worldwide”. 

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PC Steps

Audials One “monitors thousands of radio stations and top quality music sites to bring you a constant stream of new, high-quality music, both free and quickly”. However, the Audials Live Web is an application that everyone can use “if you prefer not to download all the files to your PC”. It lets you “enjoy all the latest music and podcasts via your browser”. Audials Live Web “is available for free from the Audials website and has access to thousands upon thousands of radio shows and podcasts”.

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The review on this blog mentions the issues of streaming platforms that most freeware can’t catch up with: “streaming platforms frequently update themselves […]. What you need is smart software that is designed for high-level performance and can support a variety of sources”. A “streaming recorder for all your music needs, from recording to converting and even managing your music” is Audials Tunebite Premium. It lets you “grab audio tracks from protected and unprotected music streams from music sources like MP3, WMA or AAC files”. When it comes to the process of recording the music, “have you ever wished you could just magically boost the speed of your downloads? The program saves your music in the highest quality”. The blogger closes his review by writing: “Audials Tunebite Premium is the most affordable, safe, convenient and user-friendly program you can use to save music from an array of music services and websites”.

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Go to and try the Audials streaming tools or many further exiting features yourself:

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