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Brandnew Categories: Soundtracks, Lyrics, Musician Biographies! Discover now the whole load of fun and entertainment in the new Audials Informer.


Contents Issue August 2016


This Informer lets you discover many new categories. However, the popular topics such as the Audials Charts, podcast charts, film tips, newcomer hits and radio presentation are also part of the Audials Informer in August:

Audials Charts from the Previous Month

A chapter about top radio stations gives you valuable background information and a link to access the station on Audials Live Web. Moreover, the Audials Charts are accessible for users of Audials One from Generation 2016 onwards automatically in the artist directory in the wishlist or music search using the charts/samplers tab. Everyone else will receive plenty of music hits and movies as usual with the monthly Audials Charts with different genres.

New Category: Films and Soundtracks

Current film soundtracks worth listening to can now be found in the Audials Informer. A list with free films is equally available. 

Access great soundtracks and films

New Category: Audials Lyrics of the Month

From now on, the lyrics of a newly released song with a deep meaning are depicted and a paragraph at the end will inform about possible ways to interpret the words sung by an artist. In this way, the lyrical talent becomes even more obvious. 

See what song has been selected in August

New Category: Artist Birthdays in August

Which famous musicians celebrate their birthdays in August? With a new category, we investigate this question and present every month one artist with valuable background information as well as a link to the album that has recently been released. 

Look which artist has been chosen in August

News & Entertainment with Podcasts

The podcast charts from different countries and various topics such as sports, comedy, news & politics and so forth are now presented in a list with a link to Audials Live for listening to them immediately.

Listen now to the most-listened podcasts

Independent Newcomer Tracks

Newcomer music that was released recently is shown to you. Perhaps you will find some new favorite artists.

Discover the new songs


We wish you the very best entertainment with your Audials software.

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