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Software of the Year - Audials Brings Home Double Gold!


Audials One and Audials Moviebox won the audience vote for the software of the year also in 2016.


Software of the Year - Audials Brings Home Double Gold!

We are very pleased to have taken good positions in this year's vote for the Software-of- the-Year. We would like to thank all participants. The audience is particularly in the foreground because they were allowed to vote for what they believe to be the best software in many areas to finally give the title Software of the Year.

In the last few years, Audials software has always been strong in this choice, and has often been able to get the title in the categories music or video.

In 2016, we are especially proud that both Audials One and Audials Moviebox have won gold medals in their respective categories.


Audials One is Software-of-the Year in the category music

Audials Moviebox gets the title of Software-of-the-Year in the video section

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