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Audials 2017 is in the Bloggers’ Opinion Heading for Success


Tests, reviews & bloggers' opinions about the new Audials generation 2017.


Audials 2017 is in the Bloggers’ Opinion Heading for Success 


The YouTuber presents Audials One 2017 in an entertaining way and its features like radio, music search, podcasts, music TV or the universal converter. He particularly focuses on the save video feature and explains how movies or series episodes can easily be recorded from streaming services or how to record videos based on inserting a URL. Thus, even time without internet connection (for example on journeys) is bridged best.



Streaming is nowadays ubiquitous. With the help of streaming services, “users find it easy to access almost any kind of media (music, videos, etc.)”. There are many major players: “When it comes to movies, some of the top choices are Netflix and Hulu. When it comes to radio and music, there’s Spotify and Pandora”. They have many advantages, but also “certain limitations”. In response to those Audials One 2017 gives you “more freedom to listen to any music or watch any movie whenever or however you like it”. While the blogger mentions that “it does take time for you to fully figure out all the functionalities that the said software can do, getting started with it is easy”. Thus, “if you are looking for a good software that can do almost anything from playing media files to recording music and videos, Audials One 2017 is definitely worth a try”. 

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Website and Technology

The blogger speaks about Audials Tunebite 2017 Platinum as a „stunning video and music streaming software“. Generation 2017 of Audials Tunebite Platinum, “lets you record anything you stream online starting from movies to TV shows and music to films”. An additional advantage is that “the software is compatible with all the top music [and video] streaming apps”. Music can be recorded at double speed and is “a great bonus as it does not come at the cost of the quality of the recording. The software allows silent background recording”. 

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Audials One 2017 possesses the feature Music Wishes, which allows you to “enter the name of the song, name of the artist and genre and save it. Once the song is played on any radio station, it will automatically record the song for you. Thus, you will have the liberty to listen to your favourite song any time”. Got some free time? Audials One automatically records “all your favourite TV series and movies, so that you can watch it” whenever you desire. Quality and format issues can also be easily solved by the Audials software, since “there is literally no loss in quality while recording the video. Once the recording is done, it will also save it for you in your desired format”.

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Audials One 2017 is not only an expert for movies, but records also music in a targeted manner according to the wishes of the user. The “music selection can be made according to your taste, artists, and other types of filtering such as climbers, popular tracks or evergreens”. In addition, the software "will automatically display the results in the best quality". By clicking on More, however, many other results appear. The pieces of music shown can be recorded either singly or "a number of music files simultaneously". Music wishes are conveniently recorded "in background while you are listening to music or streaming videos".

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The new Audials generation 2017 also comes well with the blogger of the page TopSoftReviews. Audials is “loaded with a whole bunch of impressive features. According to the blogger, this software has everything you’ll ever need to enjoy the best of entertainment anywhere”. If you have "found a song you absolutely love, just hit the record button". All common formats like MP3, AAC or WMA are on board. With the converter, however, the formats for all devices such as a PC, smartphone, tablet or game console are easily converted to make movies and "your music playable across your devices". The blogger concludes with the comment: "I assure you of a wonderful experience – for life!".

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The Tech Hacker

Audials Tunebite 2017 Platinum is also reviewed this site. The blogger has “been an Audials fan for long” but he says that he was “only recently […] introduced to the “super-powers” of Audials Tunebite”. The video and audio streaming recorder has numerous tiles for the most important streaming portals. Thus, “the [recording] quality, method and everything else are pre-configured to the best possible options already” to ensure the best possible outcomes. In addition, with the video streaming recorder enables users to “record complete episodes off Netflix and similar sites overnight”.

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The Upcoming

The site reviews the most important facts about the new Audials generation. According to the editorial team, the generation 2017 is "outstanding" because “more ways of listening and recording all the best songs and watching hit series than ever before”. In addition, Audials One and Audials Radiotracker now record "the 200 songs that have been last played on the radio, even if the user has never listened to that radio station". Finally the author gives the hint: "Let your streaming binge begin!".

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The press release provides additional information about the new Audials generation 2017:

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