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Audials 2017 Tested by Tech Bloggers


International Bloggers have tried the flagship and software-of-the-year Audials One as well as the new Audials Music Rocket.


Audials 2017 tested by Tech Bloggers


How is Audials 2017 received by bloggers? The following interesting quotations are produced after numerous new testimonies.


The blog mentions that Audials Music Rocket "offers the fastest option of downloading directly with video-to-audio conversion from well-known audio and video portals". In this way, users quickly "get music in MP3, WMA or AAC file format legally and free of charge”.

New features of the generation 2017 include for instance Top Songs: That means you can “tell Audials your music taste (by giving it a reference song, for example) and Top Songs will create a playlist of songs that match your taste via the music search”. The software encompasses “12.000.000 music tracks by 3.000.000 artists from 120 genres”. Moreover, “thousands of radio stations throughout the world” are constantly monitored.

An additional plus are the automatically updated Chart lists from various genres such as: “Rock Charts, Music Video Charts, Pop Music Charts, Dance Charts, US Single Charts and 80s Charts”. Audials Music Rocket is a software that “fulfills all music wishes including all ID3 Tags, Album Images and Song Lyrics. Automatically get the music tracks in any desired end format”. 

To the review

Addis Techblog

Audials One is the solution for all your favorite music, movies, series, audiobooks, etc., so "a complete solution with many additional features". When researching for, recording or converting your media, Audials One is always at your side and is available to you as a streaming recorder, format converter, DVD copier, etc. Recording music is easy with Audials. For recording from the radio, for example, one searches "the stream of his favorite radio station and presses on recording".

During recording, individual pieces of music can be saved as separate music files on the hard disk. In addition, the songs are "properly named, tagged and provided with an album cover". Despite the accuracy of the cut, stored files can also be adjusted later to "edit start, end, fade in and out of a song". If you want to get a lot of songs as fast as possible, this is best done with the mass recording so that "several radio streams can be recorded simultaneously".

It is different with the function music wishes. There you can "search for songs and artists". Afterwards, "just click on wish song or album". Recording video streams is just as easy, such as "the TV streams of the public and some private channels and also Netflix or Amazon Prime".

Tu Windows Mundo

The Spanish blogger and YouTuber introduces Audials Music Rocket 2017 and explains the possibilities of the individual functional areas. On the website of the same name, the edition is looked at more closely: After entering a song in the area of music search, results immediately appear. In these "you can listen to the songs in case it is not what you are looking for, and if it is correct in a few clicks, you have it stored on your computer". Whether you want to "save the entire video or only Record the audio track", Audials opens up all possibilities. For the "lovers of the playlists […] tell them that we can also create them directly from the app and export them to our favorite devices".


Music and video streaming services are ubiquitous and a lot of people use them. However, most platforms do not allow users to "download the music of your choice". Audials Music Rocket gives you the opportunity to "browse through various radio stations, record them and helps you manage all of your music across all of your devices". It is "no matter what song you are searching for or what artist you are searching for, Audials will find it". Audials monitors thousands of "internet radio stations" to "find the specified media being played, and will record it in the highest quality". These and other features make Audials Music Rocket "undoubtedly one of the best Music downloading software".

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