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Bloggers on the Audials Radio iOS app


The recently released update of the Audials Radio iOS app gains international attention.


Bloggers on the Audials Radio iOS app

The recently released update of the Audials Radio iOS app gains international attention. Bloggers from the US, Russia or Germany are convinced by the app for mobile iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod, as summarized in the reviews below:

Golden Gianpy

The popular Italian YouTuber presents the features of the Audials Radio iOS app in an entertaining video.


The free app Audials Radio is easy to download on the official App Store. The app is not only available free of charge, but is also not annoying users with "advertising and display of expensive premium features". The design of the Audials radio app is clear and "the main menu is intuitively" understandable. If you select one of a total of 80,000 Internet radio stations, the app will "start playing after short buffering". The "artist name" is displayed on the screen, just like the cover. The number of stations can also be filtered "by genre or country". When a station is recorded, the songs are automatically saved as "individual tracks". The Audials radio app is, according to the final opinion of the blogger, a "pleasant companion for every iPhone user".


With 120 genres and a list of international radios, every user of the Audials radio app finds his favorite station. If you already have certain artists in mind, whose music you would like to hear and record, it is also no problem. From the home screen, “you can click on Radio and search through countries, languages, genres, or artists”. This way, “you will never run out of music with the Audials Radio iOS app". With the "star icon close to the name of the station [it] will be added to your list” of favorite stations. Millions of podcasts on topics such as "news, video games (previews), comedy, science, movies, sports, languages and much more" complete the app. Audials Radio is the “ultimate iOS app to listen to favorite music for free”.


The "Top Features" of the Audials Radio App include radio, podcasts, car mode, Apple Airplay as well as a sleep timer. The latter function allows you, for example, to "gently sink into your sleep with your favorite music". The version has also been recently enhanced and enriched with new features. Now there is an "improved display of the current song on a radio station, a new management of playlists, improved car mode and full iOS 10 compatibility".

Apps and Applications

In addition to international radio stations, Audials also attaches importance to "local sounds" and offers local radio stations for numerous regions. In terms of music “you can record something you really like and listen to it later”. To record songs, “you are not required to create an account within the app". So “broaden your auditory horizons with Audials and you’ll discover sounds you never knew existed!”.

All 4 Phones

The blog describes that in Germany, approximately "24.8 million users listen to a web radio". With the Audials app "can choose from a pool of currently 80,000 Internet radios and/or up to 120,000 podcasts". Regarding the user interface, "Everything is [...] beautifully arranged and presented in modern tiles". After listening to some stations, the app can compile a list of stations "suitable for me", suggesting "suitable radio stations from the own user behavior, so you definitely save a lot of time with the search for new stations". In addition, "Audials Radio [...] can also be connected to other music boxes without wires, so as to create even more sound or be enjoyed with Apple Airplay in the car".


The Audials Radio iOS app is available in the Apple Store

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