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New! Audials Informer April 2017


We give you new charts, soundtracks, independent tracks, top podcasts, best musicians and many more interesting contents. Plus the new category "Moods".


Contents Issue April 2017

Top Hits from the Current Charts

Get music for dancing, for bringing out the Rockstar in you, current pop tracks, music video and single charts or the most popular 80s hits with the Audials Generation 2017 directly in Audials One or for everyone else with the following link to the Audials Music Charts

New: Audials Moods

In this category, we regularly supply you with music for different moods. Audials Moods

Audials Tribute

The singer Tracy Chapman has been known and successful with her folk-rock songs for quite some time. But what did she have to go through until she arrived where she is today? Find out in the Audials Tribute

Entertain Movies and Soundtracks

The soundtrack makes some movies unforgettable. The soundtracks of top films are also delivered to you this month, as well as film tips. To the Audials movies and soundtracks

Independent Music

Newcomers and independent artists have always a hard time in the music business. We give them the space to introduce themselves with their music and become your favorite singer. Enjoy the Audials Independent Charts

Lyrics of the Month

Lana Del Rey is known for the melancholy and dreaminess of her songs. The track called Terence Loves You reflects this mood and will be interpreted this month. Discover the lyrics of the month

Entertain Podcasts

The best audio and video podcasts of this month are presented. Whether it's comedy, news, crime stories, politics or many other topics, all are included in the Audials podcast charts


We wish you the very best entertainment with your Audials software.

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