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New! Audials Informer June 2017


Get insights about current hits, the best soundtracks, movies, lyrics and many more interesting contents.


Contents Issue June 2017

What hits made it into the charts? What soundtracks made the latest movies unforgettable? What songs fight stressful situations? You will find answers to these questions and many more content in the new Audials Informer.

The Current Top10 Audials Charts

Ten songs from the areas of rock, pop, dance or 80s were on fire during the month of May. Find out which ones and drag songs or entire lists down of the current Audials Music Charts 

Entertain Moods

Are you lacking the right sounds as a motivation in stressful situations, during the coffee break or when you are overstrained? Then listen to the Audials Moods

Honoring Legendary Musicians in the Audials Tribute

Bob Dylan has achieved a lot in his career. We pay tribute to the US singer and poet who was born in May. Our honor is also due to Bob Marley, the artist who died in the month of May. Songs such as Buffalo Soldier, Get Up, Stand Up, I Shot the Sheriff, No Woman, No Cry or Could You Be Loved? still ring in our ears when we think of the Reggae legend. Audials Tribute

Enjoy Films and Soundtracks

The soundtracks of films like The Fate Of the Furious, The Smurfs or Going in Style are especially noticeable to our editorial team this month. Search for your favorite soundtracks and movies as well among the Audials Movies and Soundtracks 

The Music of Independent Artists

Music from artists away from the musical mainstream is often too daring and critical for major record labels. Exactly for this reason it is worth listening to the Audials Independent Charts

Songtext of the Month

With Starboy, the Canadian R&B musician known as The Weeknd released the title song to the album of the same name, which reached No. 1 of the charts in 80 countries. The interpretation of his lines is shown on the page of the Audials Lyrics of the Month

Supplied with the best Audio Entertainment

Tips, tricks, entertainment as well as interesting information are provided by the top10 Audials Podcast Charts

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