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Listen to Radio Streams and Record Music on the Go


International bloggers dealt with the Audials radio app for iOS and Android devices.


Listen to Radio Streams and Record Music on the Go 

International bloggers dealt with the Audials radio app for iOS and Android devices. The summary of their evaluation is described in the following blog post.

Audials Radio for Android Reviews 

Pro Android

Audials radio for Android devices is named by the Spanish YouTuber as one of the 5 most helpful free apps. The last heard radio stations or favorites will appear on the start screen of the Audials app, so you can quickly find them under the 80,000 stations. Podcasts in different languages can also be easily accessed from the start screen. The clear layout helps to find your favorites. 



The bloggers of the Czech site state what they noticed on the Audials radio app: "We especially liked the really rich range of stations or the search for titles and stations, according to the taste of the user. This is definitely something that sets Audials Radio apart from the competition". To this end, Audials Radio is said to be "an easy-to-use application". Through the "many stations" it is not difficult to find music "appropriate to your taste". The web radios "are sorted by genre and country, but can also be sorted by artist". When the name of a particular artist is entered, "a list of all stations currently playing one of his songs" appear. 

Audials Radio for iOS Reviews


Many streaming apps exist on the market, but apps that are capable of recording the streams are rare. Audials Radio is a streaming recorder, which “extract music from 80,000 radios” and thus allow you to get all the favorite hits cut out cleverly from the radio streams. The Audials radio app gives you “songs in the popular formats MP3 and AAC”. In addition, “plenty of podcasts arranged by topic” are offered.


The Audials Radio app for iOS devices is „totally free to use and has no limitations in usage“. The free app “has no annoying ads at all”. When searching for stations, the app “makes its users see songs lists, artist, albums network information, etc. before listening so that they can choose radio station accordingly”. With “thousands of stations across hundreds of genres”, you will always find the music that you prefer. 

Apple Best Review

The Mexican YouTuber introduces the Audials Radio iOS app on its channel and looks for radio, by country, genre, or podcast by theme.

Discover the Features of the Audials Radio App

Turn your smartphone into a music machine with the Audials radio app for iOS or Android.

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