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Enjoy the Age of Entertainment with Audials


YouTubers and Bloggers present the top features of the Audials PC software.


Enjoy the Age of Entertainment with Audials

YouTubers and Bloggers present the top features of the Audials PC software. The audio streaming recorder Audials Tunebite Premium or the complete package for audio and video recordings Audials One are discussed separately.


The YouTuber presents the Audials Tunebite Premium music streaming recorder and its the top features in a video. In the streaming category, music streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and so forth can be easily selected using the software due to preconfigured tiles. After playing the music on the respective portal, the Audials software automatically records the audio track and then adds ID3 tags, the album cover and the lyrics. With the audio converter, music and audio books can be put into the right format for all devices.


The 405

According to the blogger, the "on-demand entertainment industry" is characteristic of our generation. The "music entertainment machine" Audials Tunebite 2017 Premium is "continually keeping up with the hottest new music" from streaming services. With the top features, the Premium package lets you "record music streams, play and manage music in your cloud, record audio books from Spotify and Deezer at double speed and get music files in music shop quality with ID3 tags, lyrics and the album covers that will be automatically added by the software".


Many people do not know "how to record audio streaming legally". The blogger says the market also offers "many programs […] to record music streaming but if you are looking for the best, you should try Audials Tunebite Premium". For the content of "Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal, Napster and so forth", Audials Tunebite Premium is a "recorder for music and audiobooks, audio converter and media center for managing files on the PC or in the cloud". So "no freeware can keep up with the features". In addition, "for recording video streaming such as movies, TV shows, video clips from Netflix, Amazon Video and so on" there exists a Platinum edition of Audials Tunebite.


Audials One allows users to get "access to a wide variety of music, podcasts, radio" without having to search for a long time on the Internet. In addition, "the Audials software cleverly cuts music from the radio stream so that individual songs can be stored perfectly separated and without advertising as MP3, AAC or in other formats". Of course, "hits from all decades, whether classics or modern music are never far away with Audials One". In addition to music, "movies and video clips from streaming services and video portals can also be recorded in the best quality and enjoyed over and over again with Audials".

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