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Blogger Impressions of the Audials Radio App


The Audials Radio app for Android or iOS has been praised on blogs and numerous international bloggers report on the features.


Blogger Impressions of the Audials Radio App

The Audials Radio app for Android or iOS has been praised on blogs and numerous international bloggers report on the features.

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The Spanish YouTuber presents the Audials Radio Android app on his channel. The radios are arranged according to countries, genres, favorites and other filter criteria. In this way, you will not lose the overview even with the large number of stations and find most of all your favorite stations very quickly. With the paid pro version of the app, you can also wish music, which Audials automatically searches for and records.



The blog introduces the Audials app and reports that the "Audials Radio Android app is the best app for you", "if you want to stream hot trending music urgently whenever you want". This radio app "lots of amazing features". For example, "you can stream to any channel for free from wherever you are", whether international or even local broadcasters and a total of more than 80,000 stations. But listening to the radio stations is not the only feature. For recording songs with the Audials app "you only simply need to click on the “Record” button". In addition, Audials Radio supports the wireless listening of music via "Chromecast and Airplay".


The blogger states that the Audials radio app is a "pretty simple to use radio app, which is available in play store free of cost". After the download, you can use the Audials app "right away without creating an account". The app includes "music radio from a 120 genres"and satisfies every taste of music. If your favorite station is still not part of the offer, "you can even add your best station which is not in the list". In addition, you can "easily record the song which you are listening on the radio and create the best sound with an amazing integrated equalizer".

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The Slovakian blogger also describes his impression of the Audials radio app. Users who do not want to give up the favorite music in the car "particularly appreciate the function Car Mode". With the built-in alarm clock "you can even wake up to the music of your favorite radio station". To do this, "simply set the alarm time and select the desired radio transmitter". Moreover, a sleep timer that supports sleep through music is part of the app.


The blogger says in his review of Audials Radio that “this is not just a simple Radio app, it does come with many included features”. You can easily “find your most favorite radio station in this app and enjoy streaming for free”. On top, “it is a pretty cool radio player yet simple to understand its all features”. Moreover, files are recorded in common formats such as “in MP3 format”. The Audials Radio app is also a “nice treat when you […] don’t have an internet connection”.



The Polish YouTuber presents the Audials Radio iOS app. In addition to radio stations, over 200,000 podcasts complete the spectrum of the app. By clicking on the "Radio" tile on the home screen, the name of the radio station and of the currently playing song appear. After recording, Audials will automatically add the cover, the album name and other details. In addition, you can use the app to access the social media news of the radio stations or artists.


The blogger has started using the "trending music app" Audials Radio "recently" but says, "I haven’t regretted my decision of downloading this app". In his opinion, the Audials Radio iOS app is "quite easy to use as the user interface of this app is very friendly and smooth". With the Audials music app it is "easy to search for new stations based on your preferred genres or album artists". In conclusion, the blogger writes that "this one can be categorised as the one of the top radio apps". In addition, he shares his view: "Speaking from personal experience I would recommend you to use this app. Well, some of the features that are available on this app are quite unique and are not available in other apps".

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The Audials Radio app for Android devices is available as pro or free version in the Play Store.

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