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The Audials Radio App: “A Recommendation for Music Lovers”


Who does not want to always hear the best music and all the favorite songs in the loop? With Audials Radio you can easily play music in the best quality and in MP3 format


The Audials Radio App: “A Recommendation for Music Lovers”

Who does not want to always hear the best music and all the favorite songs in the loop? How practical that radios play new and tried and tested pieces around the clock. With Audials Radio you can easily play music in the best quality and in MP3 format and have your playlist for a good mood always with you.



The Mexican YouTuber presents Audials Radio as an alternative to Spotify and TuneIn. The Audials app contains almost 100,000 radios from around the world and even local radio stations from your area are part of the app. The color of the background can be easily changed from the classic dark Audials design to a brighter version. Also in the car, the app can provide entertainment during the journey with car mode and the thus enlarged font size. With the sleep timer as a bonus function, you sleep gently to the sounds of your favorite music.

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The Audials Radio app is praised by a Spanish tech blogger as "one of the best music applications". With the entertainment app from Audials you have "all radios, podcasts and streaming music in your hand". There are many radio apps on the market. But this one "offers us much more, for example, the possibility of recording our favorite song, which is playing on the radio we are listening to". If you think that was all: the list of functions does not end here for a long time. Another option that makes this app "one of the most powerful" in the market is the possibility of connecting it to "Chromecast and be able to play our favorite radio on our television".


The popular Spanish YouTuber presents the Audials Radio Pro version in detail. If you like the search for music styles, you are well served with Audials Radio. Between 120 genres, everyone will find the radios who play music of the chosen direction. Therefore, you can quickly discover new stations and immediately see which songs are currently played. The recording is a children's game because the app automatically cuts the piece of music from the radio stream and saved them as separate files. Favorite stations can be pinned to the home screen. Music wishes are only searched and recorded in the Pro version from the monitored radio stations.


The blogger calls Audials Radio a "wonderful internet radio app". Finding the best web radios can take time. With the zap feature "you will be able to zap between the top, leading and more popular web radio stations just in seconds". The more than hundreds of thousands of podcasts also make the app "popular and interesting". The integrated equalizer helps "music fans to adjust and customize the sound amplification". It is also possible to move recorded pieces to the cloud and "favorite music files from your device to SSD memory card or other external storage".


On one of the most influential blogs on iPhone and iOS in France, Audials Radio is at the top of the ranking for the 30 radio apps for iOS devices. The "clean, modern design" and the selection of "radio stations from numerous countries", as well as the option of "cutting pieces of music and listening to them again and again in the playlist" convinced the blogger, so he recommends to "absolutely test the app".


With Audials Radio, the iPhone/iPad becomes an entertainment machine. The free app plays radio stations and "performs an automatic separation of songs during recording". To this end, "120,000 podcasts are classified according to thematic categories". The episodes are automatically updated regularly so you can always enjoy the latest episodes. According to the blogger, the functionality of the Audials Radio App "cannot be more complete".

Audials Radio for Android and iOS

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