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New! Audials Informer September 2017


Discover the music charts and other popular informer content as well as brand-new information about the new source for all favorite hits and genres: Audials Music Zoom


Contents Issue September 2017

WORLDS FIRST: Welcome to the New Universe of Music!

Visit the musical genre galaxies. Explore and zoom into all sorts of genres. Discover new music for all different tastes. With the innovative artificial intelligence of Audials Music Zoom, you can enjoy nearly every artist ever to have lived in an in-depth, infinite map of the stars, organized according to musical genres. Zoom in and discover the universe of music!

Learn more about the new Audials Music Zoom Freeware!

Entertain Music

The summer is coming to an end, but the music remains hot. From the Audials community, you can quickly get playlists with the top hits from Pop, Rock, Dance or 80s. Now in the Audials Music Charts

Entertain Movies and Soundtracks

The playlist of the international film soundtracks show you the best hits of Spider Man: Homecoming and Despicable Me 3. So if you want to hear the Minions sing, get the Audials Moviesoundtracks of the month

Entertain Moods

Enjoy a break with songs that improve your mood, invite you to a road trip, touch emotionally, or let the air glow with hip-hop beats. Always supplied with the right music in the right moment with the Audials Moods

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