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New! Audials Informer October 2017


Free supply with top current music, soundtracks, podcasts, radios, lyrics, artist biographies and much more entertainment.


Contents Issue October 2017

Music charts of different genres, soundtracks, tips for movies and series on Amazon video and Netflix as well as the podcast charts, songs of the independent musicians, the moods playlists or the lyrics and much more can be found in the current Audials Informer.

Music from the Current Charts 

You can enjoy new music again this month, as Audials will automatically provide you with the best chart hits of your favorite genres. See what music is now popular in the Audials Music Charts

The Podcast Charts

Podcasts provide constantly updated episodes for entertainment. The self-updating database of Audials ensures that you always get the new sequences of your favorite podcasts. Discover the Top 10 Audials Podcast Charts

Music Depending on the Mood 

The Audials Mood playlists have something for everyone: fight the autumn blues, make yourself comfortable at home and relax to the most beautiful songs in the world. Which playlist is your favorite? Find out with the Audials Moods

Movie Soundtracks and Tips for Streaming Services 

You recently saw a movie and found the music great? Then get the soundtrack with Audials. Suggestions as well as recommended film tips for Amazon and Netflix are available as well with the Audials Films and Soundtracks

Music from Newcomers and Independent Musicians 

Do you already know the American music duo Odesza? If not check it out now and listen to the electronic music of these artists and another nine songs of different genres with the Audials Independent Charts

Lyrics of the Month 

Katy Perry released this year the album "Witness" with the song "Chained to the Rhythm". The lines of this song are interpreted and are thus the Audials Lyrics of the Month

Audials Tribute 

Strength and power are conveyed by Pink in her songs. But how did the singer come to this self-confidence? We let you get a glimpse in Pink's life story. In 2017, we also had to say good-bye to two great musicians: Chester Bennington from Linkin Park and Chris Cornell from Soundgarden. More about the biographies of the musicians in the Audials Tribute

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