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Bloggers Test the New Audials 2018


Bloggers mention, after testing the new Audials One 2018, what features they appreciate most.


Bloggers Test the New Audials 2018 

The Audials generation 2018 has been released a few weeks ago. Beta testers were excited about the new fast software even before the release. Journalists and bloggers were eager to test the new features and published initial reviews on their websites. Their opinions have been summarized below.


Topsoft Reviews

The blogger tested Audials One 2018 that is “packed with a load of features, a complete package for entertainment”. Audials One offers you all features, “from music to videos, shows and online radio”. With the save music or save video features, “any streaming” can be recorded via preconfigured tiles of streaming services or by entering a URL via copy paste. The universal converter “has a lot of formats available for conversion to any or for specific devices. Convert to MP3, WMA, WMV, AAC, MP4, M4P, FLV, and more”.



Audials One 2018 is described as a “360-degree Media Management solution for Windows PCs”. The software has features for enjoying music as well as videos. In terms of saving music, Audials One can “download your favorite tracks from platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud and Vimeo” with the music search feature. Furthermore, “you can record movies and TV series from platforms like Netflix, Amazon and more”. The generation 2018 has been published with many new and improved features: it “brings you features such as Central Media Search with Audials Home […] and Audials Music Zoom” for discovering new music from your favorite genres sorted with help of Artificial Intelligence. The bloggers summarize their test by mentioning: “we are happy to recommend this program to every media junkie out there”.



The French blog mentions that “one of the main features of Audials One is to download music! Whether from Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, YouTube, Groove Music, Napster, etc. you will be able to download all the music you want. To do this, go to your streaming platform, choose the song you want to download, launch Audials One and voila! At the end of the song, the software will cut and start recording the music that will be done directly on your computer”. Moreover, videos, movies and series from all major video streaming services can be recorded or “you can choose to only use the URL of a video to download it. Before you start the download, you can of course select the desired quality (1080p maximum)”.


HT Pratique

Since “music plays an important role in many people’s life” and there is “a wide field of musical choice”, Audials One is “the ideal answer” when you want to know how to get “easy access to the music of your choice”. The music and video streaming recorder software “Audials One 2018 is the newest version of the Audials family”. The current generation 2018 “offers 22 updated music and podcast playlists each month” and many new charts of different genres every week. Furthermore, Audials One makes the discovery of new music a pleasurable activity: “with the music universe Music Zoom, searching music becomes more effective more interesting and fun”. In terms of recording movie streams, Audials One 2018 has an interesting new feature. With a “subscription to streaming services like Amazon Video or Netflix, you can create a list of recording preferences by previewing the movie briefly. Audials stores the link and records all the movies in sequence, virtually overnight and in the best possible quality”.


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