Record video streams from Amazon, Netflix and download videos from YouTube and others

Amazon and Netflix provide their own self-produced movies and series as video streams by means of a fee-based service. Internationally, the video portals YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo are particularly well-known. You can read here which video streams can be recorded with Audials.

Audials does not attempt to circumvent copy rights, but instead creates legal private copies by recording the streamed content exclusively from legal sources.

Audials video streaming recorder

Graphics Card Recording

Most tools simply record the screen. However, the rescaling of video images reduces the quality of the recording. Only by directly recording the PC's graphics card can the highest quality be guaranteed.

This process is technically complex and requires a large number of adjustments to be made to the browsers and the operating system. No other software is able to do this the way Audials does. You will receive the highest quality recordings.

Adaptive Streaming

To compensate for fluctuations in the user's internet bandwidth, Amazon, Netflix and other services send their video streams in separate sections, each of which may be coded differently.

Many tools fail when recording this kind of adaptive streaming. However, Audials is able to reconstruct this adaptive streaming into a single movie after recording without any disruptive artifacts or visible transitions. It then saves it without any loss of quality.

Audials One can record any video stream from the internet in top quality and then save it as an MP4, H.264 or another video file format with additional movie tags. Audials One comes with a recording planner. This enables users to record several films in a row or even entire seasons of series.


Modern video streaming is based on the HTML5 standard. In this process, the movie that is encrypted according to the EME standard (encrypted media extensions) is transmitted, then decrypted in the browser by a CDM module supplied by the provider and forwarded to the graphics card. Audials is 100% compatible for this and is able to record these streams for you.

Audials does not attempt to circumvent copy rights, but instead creates legal private copies by recording the streamed content exclusively from legal sources.

Graphics Card Encoding

Video recordings push PCs to their limits: It's the higher resolutions such as Full HD that are particularly demanding in terms of performance, as every frame of a movie has to be recorded. With 25 frames per second and a movie lasting 90 minutes, we are looking at 135,000 frames. For this reason, Audials has been developed over a period of many years with an emphasis on performance optimization in order to achieve the best possible PC performance for the best possible recording quality.

The encoding takes places on the graphics card which reduces the load on the processor and enables videos to be produced in even higher quality. Graphics card encoding works on the most popular graphics cards (Nvidia, AMD, Intel).

Just One Click

What sets it apart from all other tools is that Audials is the only software to offer the necessary configuration for all important services, which you can use for your recordings in one click!

Simply select the source you want to record and Audials will record your movies and series using the Recording Schedule by using the best recording method for that particular service!

These presets are also regularly checked and adjusted by Audials as a single service for each generation.

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What about other streaming services?

If you happen to be using a streaming service that is not available on Audials as a pre-configured tile, you are still able to record it. 

To do so, click on the button Other Source / Screen Recording. Audials will then carry out the recording using the graphics card as is the case with the preconfigured services. Audials also has a screen recorder that can record a specific area of your screen.

How-to: Recording video streams

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Record Netflix in Full HD

Thanks to the developers of Audials, you can now watch and record Netflix in Full HD (1080p) on Chrome and Firefox without any loss of quality. Click on the Netflix panel in the Video Streaming section and follow the instructions displayed on the small window. You can choose whether or not you'd like to record in 1080p. You can also choose to record subtitles.

How-to: Recording from Netflix


Audials Video Recorder

Browser Compatibility

Audials is compatible with the most popular internet browsers Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge. All internet browsers perform differently when playing content and streaming services.

This is why it is important that Audials and its specialists continue to test the software's functionality every week to ensure that your videos are always stored in the highest quality and that the best browsers for recording can also be recommended. This service is included within an Audials generation.

Streaming Recorder

Frame Rate

Video streaming can be transmitted at different FPS (frames per second) frame rates. The most common rates are 25 FPS or 29.97 FPS. Audials recognizes the frame rate and can save the recording in the precise frame rate. This makes the recording look exactly like the original.

Perfect Video File

The format of video files is important because it determines the file size and whether the file can be played back on the end devices. Audials comes with a powerful encoder engine and generates all common video file formats like MP4, H.264, H.265, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, WMV and more.

Audials provides a variety of device profiles for PCs, game consoles, tablets and smartphones from various manufacturers. The default settings focus on providing the highest quality. However, you can also choose to use a space-saving file size.

More information on converting video files

Search Engine For Movie Descriptions

Audials automatically saves your recordings under the correct name. It also features a search engine for movie descriptions.

This allows you to add movie tags to your new recordings and existing movie files. Audials scans the internet to find the correct movie summary, the actors involved, the director, the genre and a lot more, and saves all of this to the movie file in just one click.

The Series Recorder

Amazon, Netflix and Sky invest in high-quality in-house series productions. However, other platforms also offer a whole range of series with completely new genres. Never before has there been as much variety and as large a selection this exciting and entertaining as today.

If you never want to pay for DVDs again and still want to watch the series again in the future, you can use the Audials series recorder to record entire seasons automatically. Your video library will expand overnight. Audials is the only software with an automatic series recording system!

Audials Series Recorder

Non-Stop Movie Recording Thanks to Recording Schedule

Audials One is able to record any online video stream in top quality and then save it as an MP4, H.264, and in other formats including movie tags.

Simply create a list of movies in the Audials recording schedule. To do so, you simply have to let each movie be briefly started on your browser and Audials will register the movie for recording.

Audials will then process the list and record all the movies for you, providing you with your very own collection of movies. Sounds great, doesn't it?

Small tip: When it comes to series, you don't need the recording planner. Simply activate the Autoplay function in Netflix and click on the Netflix tile in Audials. Audials will then record the entire season for you!

How-to: Batch recording

Audials Recording Schedule

YouTube Downloader

YouTube lets you watch a huge number of videos. However, you will also find interesting content on many other video portals, such as Dailymotion, Veoh or Vimeo, which you can download and save using Audials.

All you have to do is type in the link to the video on Audials. Compared to other tools, you can even choose to use the original resolution or YouTube's original video file format, or to have the videos directly converted to a different video file format and resolution to work on your Audials devices. Resolutions up to 2k or 4k are possible!

Screen Recorder

Audials also lets you record content directly from your screen: Define a rectangle for the recording and Audials will automatically recognize it.

You can also choose to record your entire desktop. This function can, for example, be used to help you make your own tutorials by recording certain processes on your screen.

Always Up To Date!

From time to time, streaming services optimize their websites, players and apps. Internet browsers are updated on a regular basis and even the Windows operating system reacts differently according to these changes or its own updates.

With its free service, Audials ensures that you can continue recording week after week for an entire Audials generation.

Is it legal to record video streams?

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