What Can I Do Here?



  • See the recording progress
  • Define the recording format
  • Access my media from other devices


Seeing the recording progress

While recording music streaming, radio, podcasts or video streaming, you can see the progress of the recording in the footer of the Audials One PC software. Click In progress to get more information (for example, how many minutes Audials has already recorded of a video).

Defining the recording format

Before you start recording, choose the audio or video format you need. If none of the formats fit, for videos you can also choose one of the many device profiles for different manufacturers (Apple, Samsung, Huawei...) and operating systems (Android cell phones or tablets, Windows tablets).

Access my media from other devices

You can log into the Audials PC software by clicking the gear icon in the lower left corner.  The login has several advantages:


  • If the paid Audials or the free Audials Play is installed on another PC and you are logged in, you will have access to your wish lists, favourites, playlists and music that you have saved as links. So you can use Audials on several PCs and synchronize your data.
  • If you also use your login for the Audials Play smartphone app for Android or iOS, you can access all your music recordings wirelessly with your smartphone.
  • With the Audials login you can contact the Audials support and exchange ideas with others in the Audials forum.

Where can I get an Audials login?

Please register here.

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