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Best Of Audials 2018

The various editions of the Audials Generation 2018 and the Audials Radio Apps have tested many journalists and bloggers. The resonances help us to further improve the coming software generations and adapt them to the taste of the users. Therefore, we continue to enjoy articles and contributions to Audials One, Audials Tunebite, Audials Music Rocket, Audials Radiotrackers, Audials Moviebox, Audials Music Zoom and Audials Radio for Android, iOS and Windows.

The best quotes about the 2018 generation

„Audials One provides a unique workaround or solution for the problem of downloading music and videos from the Internet, and does so with a relatively clever and easy to use interface“.
- Tom’s Guide

„An excellent tool for streaming and downloading music and podcasts from radio stations and video portals“.
- Techradar

„It references thousands of sources, artists, albums and tracks to listen to them by searching on the internet. The program is compatible with popular video streaming services. It also allows you to plan the recording of videos broadcast online. It also offers a conversion function to set the desired format“.

Certainly, it is the most excellent video downloader and music converter so far.
- Technected

„Audials is a complete package for entertainment. From music to videos, shows and online radio, you definitely get what you’re paying for“.
- TopSoftReviews

„It has never been easier and faster to record and collect music, movies and series.“
- 5 Best Things

„After using it for a couple of days, I can confidently recommend this software“.
- The Windows Club

„We don’t find any element in Audials One that disappoints us. So, we are happy to recommend this program to every media junkie out there. You might be spending a bit, but you’re getting a lot of fresh content and a way to organize your favorite content — the way you like it“.
- Digital Edge

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