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Multimedia Recorder Audials One from the Perspective of Testers


The German magazine for music and hi-fi presents in particular the high-speed recorder for streaming services in Audials One, which is regarded as "most spectacular innovation". With this you can "save songs from Spotify even at 5x speed", from "Napster at double speed". This not only gives you fast music, but also "without loss of quality - even from Spotify Free". This is "handy if you want to store playlists for offline use on your smartphone". The high-speed recorder is not only included in Audials One 2018, but also in Audials Tunebite Premium and Platinum.

With Audials One, you will be able to „record high quality audio and video streams“ too. Easy to use for recording music, audiobooks, „films, series“ and more! With the top features of generation 2018, Audials One is definitely worth the try: The blogger mentions „Record Spotify at tenfold speed [two playlists at five times speed], Automatic recording of movies and all series from streaming services in HD, Music discovery through the 3D music universe Music Zoom, Preconfigured audio and video streaming portals as tiles in the software“ as a part of ist best functions. 

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According to the blogger, „Audials One is a massive software that integrates anything which is related to music, video, and conversion of media formats“. Whether you are interested in listening to music from „thousands of radio stations, keeping track of videos streaming on Amazon Prime video and Netflix or getting the charts, singles, albums or the complete discographies of your favorite stars“, Audials One is the „one stop video and audio“ software that entertains you endlessly. 

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