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New! Audials Informer July 2018

The Informer is full of great music from the charts, movie tips from streaming services, the podcast of the month, a lyrics interpretation and radio referrals. Enjoy music and movies right away or save them easily.

Brand New Hits

Not only Shawn Mendes or Maroon5 are part of the playlist with brand new music, but also artists like Halsey, Jonas Blue, Cardi B and many more. Get the hot tracks with Audials Brandnew now

Audials Charts in July

Let Audials fulfill your favorite hits or get the entire playlists of different genres with the Audials Music Charts!

Podcast Recommendation of the Month

The podcast This American Life chooses for each broadcast a theme and puts together different stories on that theme. More about the Podcast of the Month

Movie Soundtracks and Streaming Tips

Deadpool 2 and 13 Reasons Why just cause a stir. The soundtracks with all songs and a presentation of the novelties of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are received now in the Movies and Soundtracks

Audials Moods: Happy, Party, Chill Out, Sports

Only the right song at the right time makes some moments unforgettable. Get the mood playlists to bring the mood to a climax. Discover the Audials Moods

News from the Independent Musicians

Well-sounding names like Jade Bird, Vance Joy, Seinabo Sey or Soleima are still insider tips in the music scene. Listening to their works is definitely worth it. Get the top 10 new hits from newcomers and independent musicians only with the Independent Hits of the Month

Between the lines: the Audials Lyrics

In May, the new single of the band Panic at the disco was released. With Say Amen the singer meets a topic whose expressiveness is not easy to understand. Check out the lyrics and the interpretation in the Audials Lyrics

Birthdays of the Month

Ron Woods and Charlie Watts, two members of the Rolling Stones had their birthday in June. These and other artists who shaped us receive our Audials Tribute

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