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New! Audials Informer October 2018

Only Audials offers you every month - and in the software even weekly - music of different genres, from the charts or from newcomers and independent artists, depending on your mood or soundtracks. However, the Audials Informer also provides streaming tips, lyrics and the greatest hits of the singers who recently had their birthday.

Hot Music

The hits cannot be fresher! Shortly after the release you will enjoy promising new songs with the Audials Brandnew playlist

Audials Music Charts

Listen to or let Audials fulfill all your music wishes from different genres and choose your favorite music from the Audials Music Charts!

Podcast Recommendation

The recommendation of the month is: Slow Burn. The episodes of the podcast are about a scandal in recent history: Watergate. Learn more in the Audials Podcast of the Month

Soundtracks of Movies and Streaming Tips

Receive good soundtracks and inspirations from the best streaming services for the next movie night with the Audials Movies and Soundtracks

The Playlist to Match your Mood

The music you need at the right moment: these are the mood songs that you can download from the Audials Moods

Independent Music

Keep up to date with independent music releases and pick the best hits from the top 10 Independent Hits of the Month

The Audials Song Interpreatation

Musically bringing back the summer? Would be worth a try with the song Feels Like Summer by Childish Gambino. But what the light-sounding hit is actually about is what you see in the Audials Lyrics

Birthdays of the Month

Hip Hop by Jason Derulo, Soul by Anastacia, Rock by Joan Jett or Hard Rock by Meat Loaf. Not only great hits, but also the interesting artists behind it are illuminated. To the biography and discography of the Audials Tributes

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