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The Audials Radio App - Internationally a Hit


The Audials Radio app for smartphones and tablets with Android or iOS has been tested extensively by international bloggers.



The Audials Radio App - Internationally a Hit

The wide range of features and a selection of radio stations in many different languages, even including local radio stations make the Audials Radio App very popular on an international level. The Audials Radio App has been tested with Android and iOS devices and will accordingly be addressed separately. Here is the judgment:


1. Audials Radio app for Android

Android Magazin

The English Android Magazine released in issue 63 a two-page article that describes the free Audials Radio Android App. According to the editors, Audials is an "easy-to-use app [that] lets you listen to and share music from a vast variety of stations". Music tracks cannot only be listened to, but the app also allows you to "record them too – there’s no sitting around waiting for programmes to start". In addition, "a pretty impressive personal recommendation to suggest what to listen to" is given. Other features like genres, recording options, possibilities for planning a recording or setting the clock radio are described and clearly presented with screenshots.

Prodige Mobile

The French blogger on "Mobile Prodige" proposes Audials as a good alternative for those who are annoyed by the same radio hits that are constantly played. With the Audials Radio app, the user has access to a wide range of radio stations from around the world, even in the free version. The app has "one of the largest databases of online radio stations". No matter if "music radio [...], sports broadcasts, news, culture or leisure": for all subjects there is are matching radio stations. When recording a song, the "saved mp3 file [is provided] with an album cover and ID3 tags". In this way everyone finds "very quickly all the saved mp3 files" again. Because of these features, the test result of the blogger is positive and it denotes the Audials app even as "one of the best radio apps for Android", with which it "is impossible for the user, not to be satisfied".

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The Smartphone App Review

The Audials Radio app is termed: "an Android app that is as easy to use as it is useful […] because of its fantastic user interface and wide range of genuinely useful features". The Android app "just works as you would want it to". Especially surprising for the blogger was the support of Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast: "you can stream to Airplay receivers using this app, which is a very rare feature for an Android app. I tried it, and it works perfectly and I also tested the Chromecast streaming which was equally reliable".

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State of TECH

The Audials Radio app includes all of your favorite online radio stations "of the East Coast, Midwest, South and West Coast!". While "browsing through the list of radio stations, you’ll get a preview of the station thumbnails, the station name, the current song that is playing, the bit rate and file format". The tab Record "will allow you to record what’s currently playing and you can add markers if you’d like to. The Similar tab will show you radio stations that are similar to the one you’re currently listening to". Check also "the Facebook and Twitter feeds of both the radio station and the current artist" by selecting the News tab.

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The bloggers found the search function "very interesting, […] which allows you to find all the stations that broadcast at that moment a certain song". Even the "the artist's entire discography" can be downloaded. Recording a song is only possible with the Pro version, however, it is a "strong point that distinguishes [the Audials Radio app] and makes it very competitive". The bloggers were also "impressed" by the wake up timer that can be set to wake you up several times. The fact that "advertising is absent in both versions, even in the free one, makes the usage very enjoyable".

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The Italian bloggers of TuttoXAndroid first rate the user interface positively: "the graphic interface is very nice, modern and colorful". Nevertheless, also the functions convince them. So the user can listen to "music on the smartphone, even without headphones and in the background […] while doing other activities on the smartphone such as texting, playing games, surfing on Facebook etc.". If the user likes a song and records it, it is directly "stored in mp3". Moreover, the app can be "connected to Chromecast to view contents directly on a TV".

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Mobile Today

According to the testers, the Audials Radio Pro app "a very interesting application" with many features and capabilities, by which the users "will not be disappointed". More than 80,000 radio stations "from all over the world include really any kind of music genre". Enter the name of an artist and you "can record songs from the radio, and then listen to them later without Internet connection". In addition, music from any radio station can be saved "without slowing down […] even with a less powerful [Internet] connection". No space on the memory card is required when connecting the smartphone/tablet with a cloud service.

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With the Audials Radio Pro app, the user can "register to synchronize the mobile device even with the PC". If the favorite radio station is not part of the list within the application, it is easily "added manually". A broad array of podcasts is also part of the Audials Radio app, there are podcasts that are "divided into an impressive number of sections".

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The Audials app is described as being the "the app for you" when you like to keep your favorite songs and listen to them whenever you want to. Additionally, the Audials Radio app "offers many other useful features" that make this app "one of the best". Legally recording the titles, you are interested in directly from the online radios is "the most interesting and unique feature". The mass recording function allows to "download 20 songs at once from different musical genres". The integrated equalizer always "provides the best sound quality".

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The main function behind the Audials Radio app is allowing users to access "thousands of radio stations that are freely available on the internet allowing you to stream through live channels and enjoy music, news, or any other type of information that is made available on different channels”. By recording music on a radio station, you can "listen to them any time you want” or even "schedule a recording”. The Audials Radio app enables you as well to "gain knowledge on the go” with podcasts on a plenty of topics such as arts, games and hobbies, sports, politics etc.  

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2. Audials Radio app for iOS

iPhone Life

The Audials Radio app is "an amazing way to listen to radio stations". It doesn’t matter "whether you're at home or out and about", your favorite tunes will follow you anywhere. The user interface is "really good". Moreover, "you can also save the radio stations that you like so you don't have to search for them again". Free and paid versions of the Audials Radio app exist, whereas even in the free version "there are no ads or in-app purchases, which is a bonus". The blogger summarizes: "I love this app and it's definitely a keeper".

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iPhone Glance

As a "new way to listen to the radio" the Audials Radio app is introduced by the blogger. The "way we listen to the radio has certainly changed, as we are more for streaming our radio then turning over and flipping on the old clock radio". If you’re a frequent traveler, Audials Radio allows you to "listen to what is happening at home". The podcasts, however, provide also a "really good selection" of topics. Particularly the function to "hold your favourites is [in the bloggers’ opinion] a good feature".

The iPhone App Review

If you like listening to music on your iPhone, Audials Radio is a "Must-have music app". In comparison to many streaming apps, Audials Radio "features live radio streams and podcasts. It has a ton of features that even the most popular streaming apps do not have, which is truly amazing". Besides being "super easy to navigate and understand", it is still "loaded to the brim with awesome features". The "built-in media player is also great and includes the standard navigation features you’ve come to expect from a music app". Furthermore, "Audials Radio includes full podcast functionality and a massive organized database for you to sort through".

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iGeeks Blog

According to the blogger, the Audials Radio iOS app brings "boundless joy" due to "unlimited music" and "countless genres". The Audials app "pre-buffers content being played on any radio station, and streams the content on radio to your iPhone or iPad". Users can also "connect the device with any Bluetooth speakers for a great musical experience". If you would like to listen to podcasts, no problem for the Audials app since 120.000 "video and audio podcasts" are included with "millions of episodes". "Get news, previews for videogames, comedy, science, movies, sports, languages and more".  

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Audials Radio is seen by an US blogger as an "ultra-cool app", which allows users to listen to "pretty much any radio station in the whole world right from the comfort of your iOS device". You can stream music from "over 80,000 different radio stations […] for free". Just pick a "genre or a type of music of your choice […] or a specific location to access local radio stations in that area". But if a special title is desired, "there is a search window where you can enter the name of an artist or band or song or stations. With so many stations available, there is a high chance that there will always be a station that is playing just what you need at that moment". Functions, which set the Audials app apart from other apps are the "huge database of video and audio podcasts" and the "recording of radio stations for later playback". In addition, you can "mark your favourite stations" as well as "pin genres, artists and countries to your home view so that your favourite tabs are easily accessible" and a "sleep timer built within the app along with a car mode for the iPhone" exists.

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