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Internationally Admired PC Software from Audials


See what functions bloggers appreciate when using the Audials editions Audials Moviebox 2016 and Audials Tunebite 2016 Platinum.



Internationally Admired PC Software from Audials

Bloggers from different countries describe in their reviews the experiences with Audials Moviebox 2016 and Audials Tunebite 2016 Platinum. 


The French blog describes Audials Moviebox, the alternative to Audials Tunebite Platinum for those who only want to record movies, series or other video content. The "legal recording and conversion of series and movies from online video stores" as well as Web pages is made easy for users. The software thus enables users to "access a wide range of functions". Through the "preconfigured features, the recording of video streaming is very easy". Afterwards, the recorded "episodes or films are tagged (again, everything goes automatically)". Audials Moviebox is "the only software on the market that has such options for video recording".

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Génération NT

The article of the French tech site addresses the changes in the music industry due to streaming. In 2015, "the market share of streaming in the US outweighed for the first time those of downloads or CD sales". By subscribing to one of the paid streaming services, users "pay and get nothing in return other than the unlimited access to a catalog [of media], which will be expanded over time". Audials Tunebite Platinum is mentioned as a means "to benefit from the advantages and reduce the disadvantages [of streaming]". All streams can be "recorded, tagged and stored" with Audials software in order to enjoy media consumption even "without an Internet connection". Above that "entire seasons of the series are automatically recorded".

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Devida Blog

Audials Tunebite 2016 Platinum has been thoroughly tested by the French blogger. The "all-in-one solution [...] for recording audio and video files and for converting them" helps everyone to "easily save multimedia content from the Internet legally". If you ever wished to record audio or video files from "streaming services, podcasts, Internet radio stations without loss of quality", Audials Tunebite Platinum has all the necessary functions. After recording a file "the matching ID3 tags and album cover is added". With the video features, it is no problem to "get the latest clips or series that your watch". The format of this recording is "quickly converted in another one" so that you can enjoy the contents on all devices: whether "PC, smartphone or tablet", your favorite media are always with you. The blogger also describes his personal experience with Audials Tunebite Platinum: "I came across this software because I needed a tool that allows me to save contents that I follow online [...] Therefore, I needed video footage that was successfully made with the software, while the quality was maintained".

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The blogger of the site Technoven finds Audials Tunebite Platinum "good and easy to use". While recording requires "no technical knowledge". Recording of songs is also easy: "simply hitting one button will record every song for you. As it records audios straight from the sound card, the quality of the recording is the same quality as from when you listen to it live". Even "converting audio in the format you want or your music systems excepts is no big thing anymore".

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The Indian blogger writes about Audials Tunebite 2016 Platinum:  "while using this program, I did not had an idea that this program is going to work the way things are mentioned about it. But the program worked far better than the expectation". Furthermore, Audials Tunebite Platinum is a "classic problem solver solution as audio & video universal file converter for music, audiobooks and movies". All features such as the three recording options for streaming music (sound recording into tracks, direct recording into tracks or continuous recording), recording music with double the speed, the three types to capture video streams as well as the capability to convert files and copy DVDs are mentioned.

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The blogger describes Audials Tunebite Platinum 2016 as "excellent multimedia application which simultaneously acts as an audio/video-recorder for both protected & unprotected music without sacrificing the quality". The "superb features and usability […] are given a very trendy & sleek look", as compared to similar programs in the opinion of the blogger. In addition, the numerous functions ensure that you can "easily access, browse, download & play any media file (video, music, TV shows, films) at any time and in any location".

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Le blog de Patrick

After testing the software Audials Moviebox 2016, the blogger draws a "very positive conclusion". The "easy handling, which is often mentioned in relation with the software proves to be true", because the usage of more "complex functions need only a few clicks". The blogger recommends to all people who seek for a "complete solution for recording [video] streaming that is also easy to use, to not hesitate for a second".

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Audials Moviebox is introduced as a "fantastic software, which works smoothly for recording video contents, converting them into many formats". The "streaming recorder software" is able to save video contents from "many video platforms like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu and so on". In this way, "videos/movies or even entire series" from video streaming platforms or Websites are recorded. So record, save, convert and let the software automatically tag video contents in a legal manner to enjoy your favorite movies wherever you want to. 

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Audials Moviebox 2016 is termed: "the most powerful software solution to record movies, series from online video services, video streams from any desired website with high quality". These features make it according to the blogger the "most efficient piece of legal software". The variety of languages in which Audials software is offered, turn it into a "no. 1 software" for video recordings. With its "three basic modules: Video Streaming, Media Center & Video Converter", Audials Moviebox easily serves for all issues in terms of recording, converting and editing tags of videos. Additionally, the autoplay function ensures that "original programs and all other series from the streaming services Amazon Instant Video and Netflix" are automatically recorded "episode by episode".


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