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In this month, you will be spoiled with music/podcast charts, films and a workshop.



Contents Issue April 2016

Today you get free entertainment with music & podcasts with the Audials Charts, tips about radios and films as well as tricks with a workshop for Audials software:

Audials Charts from the Previous Month

Users of Audials One from Generation 2016 onwards will now also get the Audials Charts automatically in the artist directory in the wishlist or music search using the charts/samplers tab. Everyone else will receive plenty of music hits and movies as usual with the Audials charts

New: the Audials Podcast Charts

Audials is a popular podcatcher for years. Starting with this issue of the Informer, we have a new page to present you in addition to the film tips the Audials podcast charts.

Click on this link, it's worth it!

Tips & Tricks with the Audials Workshop

How can I get music tracks from newcomers or independent bands that are not available from the wishlist, the music search or on the usual streaming services?

The workshop helps you


We wish you the very best entertainment with your Audials software.

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