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Bloggers Assess Audials One 2016


Read about the possibilites with Audials One 2016 according to how bloggers and YouTubers perceive it.



Bloggers Assess Audials One 2016

Audials One 2016 offers many functions that support you during the legal recording of audio and video streaming. Read subsequently, which advantages bloggers and YouTubers discover. 


The French YouTuber calls Audials One a tool that "might be very interesting for music and video fans". Besides recording audio and video files from Internet radio stations, podcasts, streaming services or Websites, the conversion of the media is presented as "another interesting feature". The "more than 80 formats" allow the conversion of files for all devices. You can also copy protected or unprotected DVDs through legal re-recording with Audials One 2016. The "rich functionality", "legality of the software", "possibility to record series at Netflix" and the localization in multiple languages (including French) are particularly interesting for the YouTuber.



Audials One 2016 is presented under the title "music and video downloading made easier". No matter if music, series or podcasts, all media are saved "in the highest quality for use later". In the field of music, Audials "opens a whole world of music for you to discover". Audials One 2016 allows you to "browse music by genre, artist or simply browse through the top tracks" and find your favorite music or new hits according to your taste. Through preconfigured tiles for various streaming services "saving music is as easy as listening to it".

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The Tech Hacker

The American blogger says about Audials One that it is a "all in one package […] to listen to more than 100,000 radio stations, watch thousands of podcasts and enjoy hundreds of music television programs, surf the Web for the media files, record songs and videos from online services like Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Hulu, etc…, convert recorded videos and audio files to any format, and efficiently organize your audio and video collection". So if you are searching for a solution to record, convert and manage media files, "Audials one is one of the best choices that you can make". Since "the software doesn’t contain any complicated steps, it is well suitable for the beginners too".

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Digital Connect Mag

The American tech blogger reviewed Audials One 2016. Before he heard about the software, saving content from the Internet was "a major problem", as there are many providers for the "streaming purpose and downloading it is termed illegal". Audials One lets you though access an "endless pool of music for you to dive into". To "search, stream and download almost all the music and videos available on the internet" is possible with Audials One. Search results can be specified by "genre or country". In the tab Music Search a "URL to any video you want” can be entered and Audials records the video immediately. In addition, Audials "is also preconfigured for all major cloud services". Moreover, it is convenient to create your own wishlists with your favorite music for any occasion: "one for travelling, working out, relaxing or any other way they suite you". Finally, the blogger summarizes by saying that "Audials One makes for one amazing media streaming, downloading and recording app".

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Just Web World

Audials One 2016 offers a selection of over 100.000 radio stations to listen whenever you want. Just "shuffle between radio stations till you find what you want to listen to and then record it in high quality in the format of your choice". You might also "discover music from different artists, genres and countries". Preconfigured tiles for "streaming services such a Netflix, Amazon Video, iTunes, Youtube" are part of the software as well. The bloggers conclude by mentioning: "after using Audials One for almost a week, we can say that it suffices for almost all your media needs. Be it to record the latest track from your favorite artist or to build your movie collection, we were never disappointed by Audials One […] To sum it up, we’d say that Audials One fulfills all your media needs".

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Quick Tutoriel

Audials One is presented by the French tech blogger in the form of tutorials. In this way he explains, for example, how music from web radios around the world is recorded. In addition, the music search for finding specific artists is described. Finding new music from the charts is another point in the tutorial, as well as the recording of video streaming from online video-on-demand services. Audials One is seen as a "Swiss army knife for multimedia issues" that "may be useful by providing you essential services" for numerous problems.

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