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This Is Where the Music Plays - Audials on YouTube


Reviews about the Audials Radio App and PC Software have been collected in a single playlist.



This Is Where the Music Plays - Audials on YouTube

In addition to reviews on blogs and Websites, many YouTube videos have been created recently, which illustrate the functions very well. People who have not yet tried Audials software or apps as well as users of older versions get an insight into the many great features of Audials 2016 and the Audials app for Android, iOS or Windows devices.

YouTuber from the US, Spain, France, Germany and Italy have addressed Audials and recorded their personal assessment of the software in form of a video.


The reviews of the Audials app include 11 videos and are available on YouTube:

Audials Radio app YouTube playlist


Among the presenters, there are also some "stars" such as the US YouTuber, who is known as Android Authority and has over 2 million subscribers or the American SSSniperWolf with more than 3 million subscribers. In Europe, Audials is presented by the Spanish duo of the channel andro4all, the famous Italian YouTuber Gianpaolo with more than 500,000 subscribers and the French YouTuber known under "Jojol".


Take a look at the playlist of PC software reviews:

Audials PC software YouTube playlist


If you are also interested by software from Audials, find additional information on the Audials website


The free or paid Audials app are available:

In the Google Play Store

In the Apple Store

In the Windows Store

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