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Contents Issue July 2016

In this Informer, Audials supplies you the first time with the best songs from independent newcomer artists. The current hits from the charts as well as a short introduction about popular radio stations, the podcast charts and film tips are of course also included. Access and download your favorites from this month's Audials Informer:

Audials Charts from the Previous Month

Together with the charts, we also present interesting radios to listen to. Users of Audials One from Generation 2016 onwards will now also get the Audials Charts automatically in the artist directory in the wishlist or music search using the charts/samplers tab. Everyone else will receive plenty of music hits and movies as usual with the new Audials Charts & the Most-Listened Internetradios in July 

Audials Podcast Charts and Movie Tips

The list of popular podcasts from the US, the UK and France is now available for informing and entertaining you. Furthermore, the movie tips give you a number of movies that can be watched for free. 

Access the podcast and film tips

The Newest Tracks by Newcomers

Some of you might not like listening always to music of well-known artists, but also want to discover the tunes of young, emerging artists and bands. Therefore, Audials enables now every month to listen to the creations from independent newcomers.

Check it out and let yourself be surprised

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