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Music Always at Hand with the Audials Radio App


Having the right music in the right moment makes every situation easy to handle. See the many options you get with the free Audials Radio Android app.



Music Always at Hand with the Audials Radio App 

The Audials app shines in the reviews on the following blogs once again with its functions. The comments of bloggers were therefore gathered below in a shortened version.


The blogger specifies already in the title that the Audials Radio app is “much more than an Android app for recording internet radio!”. After describing various features, the blogger concludes: “The Audials Radio App is one of the most comprehensive radio apps you can find. It is a powerful, feature-loaded app that’s extremely easy to use. A few taps is all that is required to access any of its functions”.

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Unlike many other apps, even the free version of the Audials Radio app is “commercial free”. The ability of the app to “quickly search for and find what you want” is seen by the blogger as the app’s “strongest point, and something I really liked”. Therefore, you may “hop from station to station within genres or based on artists you love listening to”. With the Audials app you can “broaden your auditory horizons […] and discover sounds you never knew existed!”.

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This review recalls that the Audials Radio app, even as a free version, “covers more than 80,000 radio stations and is having more than 100,000 podcasts of different genres”. The Audials Radio app “supports Airplay and Chromecast unlike other radio apps”. The blogger also notes that “Audials smartly adapts every amplifying system or headphone”.

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The title of this review is “the ultimate destination for all music lovers!!!”. The bloggers considers that the “most impressing part of Audials is the clarity that the songs offer. From a single click, we can also record the favorite music in the best quality”. You receive equally recommendations of radio stations: “once you have chosen a station that you think will suit your taste, Audials will give you a list of stations, from where you can find similar music”. Moreover, “Audials not only lets you work easily with clouds to move your files to and from your SD card, but also lets you connect your smartphone to your PC at home for enjoying music no matter where you are at that moment”. So “once you get to know it’s features more closely, you can’t resist yourself from loving Audials!!!

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The blogger mentions the functions such as the ability to add your own stations, the PC syncing feature, equalizer, alarm clock&sleep timer and many more. Lastly, he draws the conclusion that he “can’t help but vote for Audials as it holds all the features needed for the best Radio Player”. Besides the ability to stream and record music, “you can stream podcasts […] on your device too”.

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The usage of the Audials Radio app is something the blogger takes first into account in his review. He thus mentions: “the interface of the application is fluid responsive and it is also very easy to switch between different stations”. In terms of the functions, he states that it “is very easy to record favourite music through it”. These and many other reasons he describes lead him to the conclusion that Audials One is the “best free radio app”.

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The “Audials Radio Player can play your local music”, but has also national and international radios in the repertoire of stations. This feature together with many add-ons make it a “fully functional radio player with essential and advanced features”. Furthermore, the Audials Radio app is very compact since it “weighs only a few MBs”.

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Rich in the number of radio stations and podcasts, the Audials Radio app has the ability to entertain users in a way that is “very difficult to find” in other radio apps. According to the blogger, the design is clear the functions are easily understandable as he comments: “the interface of Audials is also very good. It is very easy to record music or to switch between different radio stations. Users can easily find their desired radio stations”. 


The Audials Radio app “is a solid radio app that every radio lover must try. There is something for everyone in the app”. For instance “you can also schedule recording for a station just in case you want to record a particular radio show that you want to listen to later. The recorded songs are saved locally and can be offloaded too”. Despite being a “simple and easy to use radio application” it has “a few nifty tricks up its sleeve” as well.

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Download the free Audials app from the Play Store also on your mobile devices to enjoy all functions.

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