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Contents Issue September 2016

The new Audials Informer surprises you with interesting contents such as good songs/podcasts and films to enjoy. 


Entertain Music

The full load of current chart songs that satisfy every taste of music. Additionally, radio stations are presented and hits of top artists with the most wishlists in the Audials Community can be downloaded with one click. Get a glance into the Audials Music Charts


Entertain Podcasts

Educational, funny, emotional and enjoyable podcasts are shown as charts for different countries such as the US, the UK and France. Many new Audials Podcasts


Entertain Films and Soundtracks

Get film tips and memorable soundtracks of the most beautiful films. The soundtracks may be easily downloaded from the Audials community and imported in Audials One. Receive the Audials Film Tips and Movie Soundtracks


Independent Hits

Listen to recent pieces of music from independent artists as well as newcomers. In this Informer, we provide you with ten new hits. To the Audials Independent Music Hits


Lyrics of the Month

With the September Informer, a song published this month by Calvin Harris is analyzed closely. The words he sings are interpreted to get a closer idea of its meaning. What is the new Calvin Harris Song about?


Birthdays of the Top Artists

A talented female singer from Houston, Texas celebrated her 35th birthday in September. After capturing the public's eye as part of a group, she quickly established a solo career. Today, she is a multi-platinum recording artist, songwriter, record producer and actress. Can you guess who we are speaking about?


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