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Contents Issue October 2016

New Audials 2017 Software out now!

Get all details about new features and improvements of your Audials software. Take advantage with the exclusive upgrade discount. All details about Audials 2017!

Audials Charts from the Previous Month

With 12,000,000 pieces of music, Audials serves every taste. The easiest way to access the most up-to-date charts is however, to go to the list of the Audials Music Charts. Together with the charts, we also present interesting radios to listen to. Users of Audials One from Generation 2016 onwards will now also get the Audials Charts automatically in the artist directory in the wishlist or music search using the charts/samplers tab. Everyone else will receive plenty of music hits and movies as usual with the Audials Charts 

Podcasts on Current Topics

Politics, comedy and hop hop can be found in the current Audials podcast charts. But in what place? Listen to the top 10 to be on the cutting edge of exciting content. To the Audials Podcast Charts

Soundtracks and Film Tips

Have you recently been to a movie and found the soundtrack great? Then go quickly to the Audials Movie Soundtracks to get many current tracks. Furthermore, you receive a selection of films. Visit the Audials film tips and soundtracks

Independent Hits

A lot has happened with the independent artists this month. The Audials Independent hits are showing you what's on fire now. Discover this months' Independent Music Hits

Lyrics Interpretation

A recent song commemorates between the lines the tragedy in Orlando. Learn more in the interpretation to Sia's The Greatest. To the Lyrics selected in this Informer

Birthday of a Top Artist in October

He has a wide range of artistic skills: musician, singer, bassist and actor. For 30 years he has been successful solo and before with the band The Police. The Audials Birthday of the Month October is...

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