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Audials Music Rocket Highly Praised by Press and Blogs


A few weeks after the release, Audials Music Rocket gets positive resonances in the trade press and blogs.


Audials Music Rocket Highly Praised by Press and Blogs




The December issue of the best-selling computer magazine in Europe ComputerBild presented Audials Music Rocket as the first and titled the software as "the best music download program in the world". The magazine provides tips and tricks for the functions and use of Audials Music Rocket in a detailed workshop.


On the website of the Swiss PC magazine, Audials Music Rocket is presented as a legal alternative to streaming or illegal downloads. Up to 12,000,000 pieces of music can be accessed using Audials software. All favorite songs are quickly found and put together in a playlist. The bonus features podcasts and music TV provide even more entertainment for the users. 




For anyone who likes to listen to music at home or on the road, Audials Music Rocket is a very good solution. Let yourself be entertained with "songs of 100,000 Internet radios" or "type in each song you desire". After a short search for "legal music platforms [Audials Music Rocket] provides you with a list of songs".


With the "music machine" from Audials, it is never boring. The software "records music and the charts legally at the push of a button. Presently with new charts each month! In addition, a large number of chart hits from earlier years!" Even "before the recording the songs can be played". The search for music becomes clearer, as "Audials chooses the track in the best quality and displays it in the foreground". Audials has "enormous features [that can be used] with no restriction or limitation".


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