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New! Audials Informer March 2017


The new Audials Informer is packed with new music, movies and podcasts. Discover now!


Contents Issue March 2017

This month, you will get the newest chart hits, soundtracks, independent songs with Audials One 2017 and Audials Music Rocket simply via the wishlist. The radio plays bring a lot of entertainment to various topics. Film tips, a song analysis and the Audials Tribute complete the Audials Informer March:

Entertain Music with the Audials Charts

Chart hits from musicians such as Drake, Big Sean, Lady Gaga etc. are easily accessible through the Audials wishlist. Users from Audials Generation 2017 get the Audials Charts and now again all Charts of the past directly in the new Audials One and Audials Music Rocket. Audials charts without current Audials version

Audials Tribute for the Best Artists of the Past 50 Years

With the Audials Tribute, we honor a well-known musician who has its birthday in February or from whom we needed to say goodbye in the month of February. Access the Audials Tribute

Movies and the Best Movie-Soundtracks

The soundtracks to movies like xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage, Hidden Figures or The LEGO Batman Movie are now easy to get and save. In addition: film tips against boredom. To the Audials Movies and Soundtracks

Independent Music

Enjoy the finest tracks of new and mostly unknown artists with the Audials Independent Charts

Interpretation of the Lyrics from Kaleo

The title "Way Down We Go" by the Icelandic band Kaleo sounds gloomy and mysterious, but the translation of the text and an interpretation help to see a meaning behind the chart-blockbuster. Go to the Lyrics of the Month

Entertaining Podcasts

Listen to the top 10 radio plays from the US, UK and France on exciting topics and keep yourself up to date with your favorite podcasts through the self-updating episodes list. Audials Podcast Charts

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