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Audials Elected by Users to Best Software


Audials One 2017 was awarded the title Best software from the Japanese shop Vector.


Audials Elected by Users to Best Software

The coveted award of the largest Japanese software download shop Vector was awarded to Audials in a public vote. Audials One 2017 won the 27th edition of the award ceremony as best software for the category Internet.

Audials One 2017 has won the software-of-year vote from Softwareload for the sixth time in a row. Now comes the award from Japan. Audials' solutions are used by more than 10 million users worldwide. The national and international trade press also regularly reports on the numerous products and possibilities offered by Audials.

Audials One 2017 is the latest generation of our flagship. As a music software as well as a video streaming recorder, this edition contains the entire range of helpful features to keep the user entertained at all times. With over 12 million songs and more than 50,000 supervised web radios of a total of 100,000, targeted music wishes are met more quickly than ever before.

As a video streaming recorder, Audials One, but also Audials Tunebite Platinum and Audials Moviebox possess an automatic function for recording series. All top-series of Amazon video or Netflix are recorded in HD and every episode is automatically saved in a separate file. This cannot be done with any other software! With the award-winning Audials software, you'll get the best entertainment.

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