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Tech Sites present the Best Features of Audials


New reviews discuss Audials One 2017 und Audials Tunebite 2017 Premium.


Tech Sites present the Best Features of Audials


In March and April, numerous reviews of the Audials Windows PC software came from tech bloggers and high-tech news websites. We would like to share these with you in a short summary.


The site mentions Audials One 2017 as a "great program for downloading music and videos". The "interface is so easy to use for most people”, so that you will rarely “need the build in help function". Audials One's core competency is to find and download music and videos. Immediately after you "type in artist, title […] Audials One will find good results".

To the review


The leading French tech page 01net introduces Audials One 2017 in an article. 10 tips are given to readers to make the most of their music. This shows that music portals such as Deezer and Spotify, as well as videos from all well-known platforms such as Netflix and Co., can be recorded in the best quality thanks to preconfigured tiles. With the converter, there is nothing to stop you from listening or watching the media on the smartphone and tablet.

Quick Tutoriel

The French site discusses Audials Music Rocket as part of a tutorial. Audials Music Rocket contains "100,000 web radios and the supplies you with favorite music from services like Dailymotion, Soundcloud etc." In addition, users "regularly automatically get the latest music charts, which are with a click on the hard drive". Thousands of podcasts to "listen/watch and record" complete the set of functions.

Le Web pédagogique

Audials Tunebite Premium is described as a "Swiss Pocket Knife for Audio Streaming". Music is not only recorded, from numerous platforms such as "Deezer, Spotify, Google Musique, Groove, etc., but also tagged with ID3 tags". Moreover, Audials reliably "recognizes advertising blocks in the music pieces". With Spotify and other services, audio samples can be "recorded in the background and there is a separate recording mode for audio books, too".

Le café du Geek

Spotify and most other music services "cannot be enjoyed without internet connection". Certainly, one can save the titles with the "subscription on certain platforms, but one is always bound to the app of the respective platform". With Audials Tunebite Platinum it is sufficient to "select the appropriate tile, start the music service, select a track and start the recording". At the ned of his review, the blogger writes: "I finally found the software to enjoy all my favorite music on different media".

Test the Audials Demo Version

Convince yourself of Audials. Download the free demo version to test the generation 2017.

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