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App Reviews of Audials Radio for Android and iOS


The numerous functions of the Audials Radio App for Android or iOS are presented by bloggers on their respective blogs.


App Reviews of Audials Radio for Android and iOS

The numerous functions of the Audials Radio App for Android or iOS are presented by bloggers on their respective blogs.



The Audials Radio App for iOS devices is presented in a video. On the start screen the last heard radio station is displayed. Clicking on a station will show the name and cover of the artist currently playing. When recording, it is possible to set beforehand whether the music pieces should be cut individually or recorded as a complete stream. In the next tab, you will find a list of suggestions for similar channels. Podcasts, Car Mode or Sleep Timer are additional components of the Audials Radio iOS app.

Uip Store

The Russian blog titled Audials Radio as an app to get "podcasts and radio stations worldwide". The look of the app can be adjusted between the classic, dark background and a lighter one. The app allows to "create playlists" and even access the "news of radio station or the musicians from Facebook and Twitter". Via "AirPlay radio streams can be sent to the Apple TV".


According to the YouTuber, the Audials Radio Android app is one of the "Must Have Android Apps 2017". The numerous filter options by genre, country, local radio, top hits or top artists make it easy to find among the 90,000 radios exactly those that interest you most.

All Tips Finder

The Audials Radio iOS app has been extensively tested by the blogger. All well-known radio stations such as “BBC Radio 2, KSFO, Heart Classic FM, WBAP, Magic, 92 KQRS” etc. are always close to you with the app. Before listening, the user gets all the important information about the station, such as "countries, genres artists and more". For the iPhone and iPad, the app can be "downloaded from iTunes for free". For the streams you like most, you can "create a list of your favorite radio stations" that appears conveniently on the start screen.


Android Mobile

Audials unites in the Android app "a music player, an app for enjoying podcasts and a radio app". Therefore, even the free version is "very attractive" and spoils "users with a complete experience". The main functions "such as radio, podcasts and my recordings are clearly shown on the start screen". Behind them are numerous functions. The first glance may seem "overwhelming, but in the course of use this feeling flies quickly". If you enter the name of an artist, "the app will finds all radios that are currently playing it". If one of your favorite TV stations is not part of the huge network, "simply add it by entering the URL".

Tricks 99

The android app Audials Radio can be used right after installation from Google Play. Creating an account is not necessary, but it is helpful to use the sync function. The app with "80.000 radio stations" possesses further great functions. To switch between stations "back and forth, the alarm clock and sleep timer, the equalizer and of course the recording function make this app very interesting and easy to use". 

Audials on your Smartphone


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