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New! Audials Informer July 2017


Cool sounds for hot days and a new section is available in Audials Informer July as well as the charts of top hits, soundtracks, podcasts, the Audials Lyrics and the Tribute.


Contents Issue July 2017

With this Audials Informer, fans of TV shows are now well informed. New this month for you: Presentation of the best series, films and documentaries of streaming portals. In addition, charts and news about music, radio, song lyrics and musicians.

Entertain Music

Get the summer mix of the best chart strikers in your favorite music genres and drag individual songs or entire playlists onto the hard drive. Discover the Audials Music Charts now

Entertain Podcasts

With over 250,000 podcasts, you quickly lose track of the results. This is why we present you the Top10 of different countries again this month. Podcast Charts US, UK and France

Entertain Movies and Soundtracks

Top soundtracks of current movies and for the first time the description of films, series and documentation from the streaming portals Amazon Video and Netflix are offered to you in the Audials Films and Soundtracks

Entertain Moods

What kind of music do you like to listen to on a summer day, if you are just happy, at tropical temperatures or if you want to rock? The Audials Moods help you find the right sound at the right moment. Audials Moods playlists

Independent Music 

Get the hottest fresh tracks of independent artists and bands, as well as newcomers with the Audials Independent Charts

Lyrics of the Month

The hit "Paris" by The Chainsmokers sounds great, but the lyrics seem very simple. Really? See the interpretation of the text in the Audials Lyrics of the Month

Audials Tribute

Two of the greatest entertainers the world has ever seen: Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson. One celebrates his birthday this month, the other one unfortunately left us in June eight years ago, but is still not forgotten. Learn more about the background of their steep rise in the Audials Tribute

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