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Positive Response to Audials Music Zoom


First comments on the new Audials Music Zoom from trade press, bloggers and other tech websites are available.


Positive Response to Audials Music Zoom


The new Windows App Audials Music Zoom did not appear until the beginning of September, but the media echo is already huge. In tech magazines and on technology-oriented websites, after a test, there are extensive comments on the meta search engine for YouTube, Soundcloud etc. from Audials.


With innovative technology and support of artificial intelligence, which will also be available in the upcoming Audials generation and in the flagship Audials One, the music discovery is a great experience by zooming in a universe full of musicians as well as the musical enjoyment of entire discographies.


The journalists of online media, download portals or tech bloggers describe Audials Music Zoom as follows:


CHIP Online: "As beautiful as with" Audials Music Zoom "was the discovery of new music never before. The connection to free streaming sites is strong, so you can listen to the tracks right away".


ComputerBild: "Audials Music Zoom bundles numerous artists of different musical genres in a tag cloud and offers their works for streaming. In this well-known singers and bands are sorted according to genres such as rock, pop, 80s, blues, metal, rap or reggae".


Dr. Windows: "Meta-Search with AI, exciting visualization: Technically, Audials Music Zoom is initially a meta search engine for music. You enter an artist name, and then the usual sources such as SoundCloud, DailyMotion, Veoh, Vimeo and of course Youtube are searched. If something is found, which is always the case, the hits are displayed, and you can also directly see from which source the titles are. If a piece of music is found in more than one source, the most likely hit will be in the first place. In addition, the found titles are grouped according to the corresponding albums of the artists. The artist database of Audials covers approximately 300,000 entries, fed by more than 100,000 Webradio stations, which Audials permanently evaluates".


The Windows Club: "Audials Music Zoom is a wonderful program which gives you access to more than 300,000 artists and their music albums."


Softpedia: "Audials Music Zoom implements an ingenious idea that allows you to find new music and new talented musicians, explore other genres, or remember a tune you haven't listened to in a long while. And since it comes with no price tag, it is definitely worth a try by anyone who wants to enrich their music collection".


Test the Windows Freeware Audials Music Zoom


Press release of Audials Music Zoom

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