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New! Audials Informer November 2017


Music from the single, rock, pop, dance, pop and music video charts as well as playlists for every mood, the film soundtracks and much more!


Contents Issue November 2017

It's time for the Audials Informer Newsletter:

Music from the single, rock, pop, dance, pop and music video charts as well as playlists for every mood, the film soundtracks, independent hits, the most popular podcasts, interpretation of the lyrics and the performance of a musician more you now enjoy only with the Audials Informer.

The Latest Music from the Charts

The top hits of Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Martin Solveig, Major Lazer and many other musicians can be enjoyed with the Audials Music Charts

The Top-10 among 260,000 Podcasts

To filter out the best from a selection of 260,000 podcasts is not easy. We support you and give you the top ten of the most popular podcasts for the US, UK and France in the section: Audials Podcast Charts

The Top Movie Soundtracks

The soundtracks of new movies such as Cars 3 at a glance. Among them are numerous well-known tracks. Get the Audials Movies and Soundtracks of the Month

Music for Different Moods

More perseverance in sports and increased self-confidence through music? Are you missing the right playlist with songs to fall in love or with rock songs? No problem: the Audials Moods offer you the right music for every mood

The Independent Music Hits

Slow, emotional or fast and loud titles have been published by the independent artists or newcomers. Discover your favorites among the top 10 Audials Independent Hits

Lyrics Interpretation

Kesha released recently with the song Praying not only a contrast to previous songs, but also conveys a deeper message about anger and forgiveness. Read more about the interpretation in the Audials Lyrics of the Month

Audials Tribute

As the frontwoman of No Doubt and as a solo artist, Gwen Stefani has established herself in the music industry in the last 20 years. Gain insights into the biography and discography of the singer born in October with the Audials Tribute

We wish you the very best entertainment with your Audials software.


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