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New! Audials Informer December 2017


The music, independent and podcast charts, mood and tribute playlists, as well as soundtracks provide fun and entertainment with familiar and new titles.


Contents Issue December 2017

New Top-Charts

Six playlists with brand new hits from the charts of different music styles are available with the Audials Music Charts

More Entertainment for You

The Top 10 of fun, informative, theme-specific or knowledge-enhancing podcasts with numerous episodes that are automatically updated are available with the Audials Podcast Charts

Soundtracks of Top-Movies

Now access the soundtracks of current movies and rekindle the cinema feeling at home with the Audials Films and Soundtracks

Happy, sad or relaxed?

Get in the mood or listen to the music that suits your current mood with the Audials Moods

The Best Tracks of the Genre Indie

Not all musicians have a deal with big record labels. But that does not make their music worse. It rather makes the music more diverse: Listen to the songs of independent artists with the Audials Independent Hits

An Interpretation of Lyrics

Maroon 5 work together with rapper A$AP Rocky on a track of the new album Red Pill Blues, released in November 2017. The result was a song about alcohol and love; or not? Now look at the song interpretation in the Audials Lyrics of the Month

Diverse Artists with Things in Common: Born or Died in November

Which singers have their birthday in November or have left us? The artist biography and discography with a playlist of their best songs are included in the Audials Tribute

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