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100,000 Radio Stations Always at Hand with the Audials Radio App


Music and podcast at your fingertips with the Audials Radio free or pro app.



100,000 Radio Stations Always at Hand with the Audials Radio App

On Android, iOS or Windows10 smartphones and tablets, your Audials Radio has the full load of entertainment with music and podcast at your fingertips. In recent weeks there have been countless adjustments. App bloggers have taken a look at the features of Audials Radio or Audials Radio Pro. An excerpt of the comments can be found below:





The app allows you to "save music as MP3 no matter where you are", according to the French blogger. The free app contains "no advertising, but has many features". All top radio stations from different countries are included and are clearly presented with "logo [of the station] or the display of the album cover of a played artist and song". Also by "pressing the record button [...] the songs are stored with ID3 tags and album art". The "sleep timer and the adjustment of the "user interface, according to taste, in light or dark" are bonus functions.



The German blogger introduces the music app and speaks about it as: "more than just radio". Because Audials Radio has not only "many well-known radio stations" with a board, again it also allows them to access [...] "120,000 podcasts". The audio playback allows also many possible functions: "either via the speakers of your device, headphones or the supported Airplay receiver and Car Mode in your car or an external music system or a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth speaker".



The Audials Radio app opens the world of "regional, national but also international radio stations". So you can easily find the station that plays your favorite music. Quick and easy, you record music with the app, so that "you can always listen to it again and again". The French blogger calls Audials Radio "the best radio app for the iPhone".




China Internet Watch

Even bloggers in far-away Singapore are interested in music apps. The Audials Radio app "cuts the desired music from the radio stream and stores the individual files on the smartphone or in the cloud". From "120 genres you can quickly find your favorite music, by typing in the artist name, music style, language or country". The corresponding radio stations are suggested and music can be recorded at any time. The automatically updated database of podcasts makes sure that "the latest episodes of [...] the best audio and video podcasts" are always available.



If you don’t want to “buy every song you want”, Audials Radio still “brings a world of music to your ears”, comfortably on your smartphone. The app “offers a variety of genres numbering over 120 and spanning over 80,000 stations, coming live to you from across the globe”. Audials Radio is not only handy for “streaming music from radio stations”, but can also “record the pieces that you like”. A feature that the blogger found especially beneficial is that “the app is commercial free” and it is “super simple” to use.  Furthermore, the blogger explains: “What amazed me was the number of stations that are out there, not just in the U.S., but around the world”. The sleep times is also a feature the blogger appreciates by mentioning: “I’ll oftentimes play sleepy time music to put myself or my kiddos to sleep. That’s where Audials timer becomes super handy. You can setup a timer to stop Audials from playing. This lets you put on music for just enough time to send you into slumber”. The conclusion is therefore: “Audials is a great app to have if you love exploring musical pieces and expanding on your playlists to an extent that no other streaming app can match”.



Audials Radio provides you „always the favorite music on your phone“. It doesn’t matter what music you are into, Audials Radio has it all: “If you have a favorite artist, you can enter his name directly in the app, and all the stations that play songs of this musician will appear. Likewise, the record button can be pressed at any time while listening to a favorite radio station to automatically record all songs played back. The recordings are automatically provided with ID3 tags and album cover”. Besides music, Audials Radio entertains you with “100,000 podcasts on various topics such as comedy, business, games etc.”.





The Audials Radio app “offers the possibility to listen to your favorite music, simply by entering the name of the artist or genre in the appropriate search field to get the radio channels and related playlists available in web streaming”. The interface of the app is “simple and intuitive”. The blogger mentions that “among the relevant features we highlight the one that allows you to record the broadcasts to listen to them later”. On top, you should “not miss the function that allows you to mark a radio station as "Favorite" to access it more quickly from the dedicated section whenever you want”. 

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