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Audials Radio Windows App for PC, Tablet and Windows Phone


Read ratings of the Audials Radio Windows app and let yourself be entertained well with the Audials app for PC, tablet and now also for Windows Phone.



Audials Radio Windows App for PC, Tablet and Windows Phone


Audials Radio App for Windows Phones with Windows 10 Mobile Operating System


Audials Windows software enjoys with 10,000,000 users a great popularity worldwide. This is why Audials Radio is one of the most installed radio apps on the desktop and tablet in the Windows Store since the release of Windows 8/8.1 as Free and Pro edition.

Since the introduction of Windows 10, Audials Radio gained significant features and is available now for Windows phones with the operating system Windows 10 Mobile.

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Bloggers Test the Audials Radio Windows App

For the Audials Radio app, PCs, smartphones and tablets with a Windows operating system are no limits. Listening to radio stations and podcasts, recording songs, saving them as MP3 and enjoying them on all devices is now possible for you. Read the bloggers’ comments about the Audials Radio Windows app and try the free or pro version immediately on your device.


Windows Generation

The blogger mentions that the Audials Radio Windows app "distinguishes itself" from many other radio apps "first because it is free and second since it enables people to listen to radio stations worldwide”. Users can access "more than 72.000 stations". The best feature according to the blogger is that "if you like the music that is broadcasted, it is possible to save it as MP3". This is also "very convenient in everyday life"


Windows Report

The Audials Radio Windows app is available for free in the Windows Store. When you first take a look at it, you will notice "several options to choose from". The bloggers were particularly surprised by "the number of the local radio stations available". The option to listen to top hits is "great if you’re looking for new music". If only a certain genre is of interest to you, "you can easily find it in Audials Radio" on stations playing the selected genre, even on international radio stations. The recording function allows you to "record several radio stations at the same time", also "in the background" or to "pin them to the application’s main menu for quick access".

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The French blogger stresses that the "special feature of this app, in addition to many radio stations and podcasts, which are available mainly lies in the ability to record music from more than 100,000 online radios as MP3". So if you have no time to listen to your favorite songs, "you can easily save tracks and listen to them later". Save music files also "directly in OneDrive [cloud], to enjoy the music on all devices".

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Check App

The Audials Radio app for Windows 8/10 tablets and PCs provides users with "the total plenitude" of radio stations. Additional to just listening to the radio, this app also records songs. The search will be performed on request by artist, "genre, language, country" or local radio stations - "even the local student radio is represented". Due to the large number of international radio stations from around the world "anyone will find the radio station from vacation again". The blogger was "actually [...] quite surprised. After I pressed "Recording" for a test in the Windows 10 version, the music folder was shortly after filled with finely sorted, titled and supplemented songs with additional information as MP3 files". An additional asset are the available audio and video podcasts, with "more than 100,000 programs and millions of episodes in all possible languages. [...] All the episodes are presented beautifully, uncluttered, with a synopsis and for immediate play back". 



With the Audials app, users listen to "their favorite stations on a Windows PC or tablet". The blogger likes particularly the clarity of the app "very much": "all the important buttons are presented on the home screen in a good size and labeled meaningfully". By using the search function, you can "specifically look for certain artists or radio stations". By clicking on Top Artists in the home screen, the user gets a "nice overview of artists that are played often currently". Moreover, "artists can be [...] discovered who may not belong to the own listening habits". If you select an artist, "you get an overview of the radio stations that just play a song by that artist". On the tile Genres of the home screen, "a variety of different types of music is [...] listed - also more unusual styles [...] that are otherwise hard to find". Moreover, podcasts complement the breadth of capabilities of the Audials Radio app. The blogger suggests "every user to dive into the world of podcasts. Audials Radio offers excellent suggestions of good quality content, covering almost every area of interest".


The Windose

In the review for the Audials Radio Windows App, the French blogger speaks about the fact that the app "fulfills its purpose well" because it runs "incredibly smooth, reliable and effective". The possibilities to retrieve "radio station that have been heard last" as well as "only the favorite radio stations" and search for stations according to "genre, country and even after local stations" make the app particularly useful. In addition to these features, a number of podcasts can be found in the app and the variety of topics, in which podcasts are divided: from comedy to politics to hobbies and entertainment. When users simply want to listen to radio stations, the app may be used "as a widget on the PC". With the Audials Windows app on the PC or tablet you are "always entertained wherever you are".


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A free version and a paid version with more features exist. In the paid pro version, there is also the opportunity to save recordings as separate MP3 files and enjoy them offline on different devices.

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