Record Music Streaming and Internet Radios to MP3

How to record Music from Audio Streaming and Internet Radios

There are many different ways of recording music online. And with the Audials’ line of software there’s never been a more convenient way of recording your favorite music. To show you just how easy, we have put together some detailed instructions on the following pages.

1) Record Music Streaming with Audials Tunebite

Audials Tunebite Premium lets you record your favorite songs from a wide-variety of streaming platforms, like Spotify™ or Napster™, straight from the soundcard, and then lets you convert those files to save to your home PC.

Special instructions on recording music streaming services with Audials Tunebite Premium:
AUPEO!BroadjamReverbNationSky.fmApple MusicGroove MusicTidal

Moreover, you can convert your music for a variety of portable playback devices, such as Android Smartphones, Tablets, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad or Game Console, so that you’ll never have to leave home without your music. The following contains general instructions on recording from online streaming platforms:

General instructions on recording music from online streaming platforms
Start Audials Tunebite Premium and switch to the “Save Music” view.
Click “Audio/Music Recording” and then choose the “Sound recording into tracks” option from the window that appears. Audials will now record any sound made by your computer.
Play back the music that you would like to record.
Audials creates in the “Save music” view a list with all the music files that are being played. You can follow how music is automatically recorded, separated into individual files and tagged.
The completed files are then displayed in the Audials player on your right hand side.
If some files have been incorrectly named or tagged, you can add tags manually by selecting the file, right clicking on it and choosing the “Edit” option.

Recording of Radio Streaming

Audials Tunebite Premium lets you easily record playlists from social radio stations, e.g.™. Music is automatically recorded while surfing music sites. The songs are then saved to your PC, where they are converted and tagged.

Record social radio stations with Audials Tunebite Premium

Audials Tunebite Premium: Recorder & Converter for Music Streaming

For its core functions Audials software has received accolades regularly from trade publications and is therefore beloved by millions of users around the globe. Furthermore, Audials software provides its users with a high degree of convenience and additional functions at no extra charge. Get on board today! More Info

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2) Audials Radiotracker - No.1 Internet Radio Recorder

Audials Radiotracker lets you make recordings from some 100.000 different Internet radio stations. You can specify the genre, request specific songs and albums or choose to have your personal wishlist available for community members to record. Then simply click the start button and in no time at all, Audials Radiotracker will have recorded the first of many songs, albums and/or compilations on your hard drive.

Audials Radiotracker is the most popular Player and Recorder for Internetradios for Windows PC

Audials Radiotracker fulfills your music wishes completely automatically with its one-of-a-kind technology. Only Audials Radiotracker can monitor thousands of radio stations for your music wishes simultaneously. With your smartphone or any other device with Internet access, Audials even lets you enjoy your media straight from the cloud.More Info

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Internet Radio Apps for Android Smartphone & Tablet, as iOS-App for Apple iPhone & iPad or for Windows 10 Surface Tablet & Windows PC

1) Audials Radio Apps as free Radio-Player and Internetradio-Recorder

Smartphone & Tablet
Audials App for Android on Google Play
Apple iPhone & iPad
Audials App for iPhone and iPad on the AppStore
Windows Free App
Computer & Tablet
Windows 8 App on Windows Store
Google Chrome
plus other Browser
Audials Live inside your Browser

2) Audials Radio as Pro-Editions with much more functions

Android Pro-App
Smartphone & Tablet
Audials App für Android auf Google Play

Windows Pro-App
Computer & Tablet
Windows 8 App im Windows Store