Audials Informer Archived Issues of 2020

Audials Informer appears monthly. Here you can find an Archive of all Issues published:

December 2020

There are only a few weeks left until Christmas and New Year. Enjoy the pre-Christmas and holiday season with new songs, movies, and series we have selected for you! 

Brand New Hits

Do you want to know which new songs have been released recently? Then get the Brandnew wish list with songs by Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, and others! 

Pop, US Singles & Co.

Experience wonderful moments with rock songs, US singles, pop songs, oldies, music video hits, and the dance charts. You can find all this in Entertain Music.

Indie Songs

In addition to the Entertain songs, you'll also get the best independent hits

The Top Films and Series

Since it is cold outside, winter is the ideal time for a movie night. We have summarized the highlights for you in the film and series tips

Songs for Good Mood and Relaxation

Get in the mood for the upcoming festive season with Winter Moods. You can find them here: Audials Moods

Lyrics of the Month

Winter Moods include the song "This Is Christmas" by the Goo Goo Dolls. This will definitely get you in the Christmas mood! You can find the lyrics in Audials Lyrics.

Tip of the Month

With Audials' music manager you can change the tags of many files at once and sort your songs in the way you like best. You can learn how to use the music manager here

November 2020

Find replenishment here, so that you are well supplied with music, movies, and series in November. Look forward to the best entertainment!

Brand New

Also this month there are new songs worth listening to! Fulfill the Brand New wish list to get the latest music right away.

Rock, Video Hits, and Much More

Would you like to receive the whole range of genres as charts wish lists? In Entertain Music you will find wish lists for genres such as pop, rock, dance, US singles, music videos as well as an oldies wish list.

What Movies and Series are there this Month?

Find the answers in the film and series recommendations of Audials. There we have put together the highlights of this month for you.

Music for Every Mood

Regardless of whether you do sports, need cheerful music to get the day off to a good start, or just want to relax:  you’ll find a matching wish list in Audials Moods.

Indie Songs

Or do you want something different? In addition to music from different genres, Audials Moods and Brandnew, you'll also get the best independent hits.

Lyrics of the Month

A song from Nothing But Thieves gives you something to think about this month because it's about the relationship between the human pursuit of freedom, individuality and technology.

Tip of the Month

Audials software allows you to record tons of songs and movies. But how and where do you store them best? Here you will learn how to set the location and filename for all your recordings, so a manual renaming or reordering is not necessary.

October 2020

Start the autumn in a good mood with new chart hits and Audials Moods wish lists.
Experience pure excitement with this month's series and film recommendations. This way autumn blues have no chance!

The Latest Chart Songs

There are new songs by Ava Max, Katy Perry, and the K-Pop band BTS! Fulfill the Audials Brandnew wish list and listen to the latest songs of the month right away.

The Best Music Entertainment

More wish lists await you in Entertain Music: whether US singles, rock, or the nineties - you are sure to find the music that interests you.

The Streaming Highlights

For film and series lovers, Audials Films and Soundtracks offers, as always, a selection of recommendable series, films, and documentaries as well as a wish list with film soundtracks.

Audials Moods

Get in the mood for autumn with Autumn Moods and three more Audials Moods wish lists for this month.

Lyrics of the Month

Often we only realize that we will lose someone soon when it is almost too late. The band LANY wants to tell us this in their melancholic song - a song that should save us from the same mistake. You can find the lyrics here: Lyrics of the Month.

Independent Charts

Are you more interested in indie than mainstream music? Then you might like the Independent Charts wish list.

Tip of the Month

With Audials software, streaming services can be searched for specific artists, albums, or songs, for example. Like this, you can record the music that is missing in your collection. Instructions: Search through streaming services.

September 2020

The Audials Informer for September contains wishlists with songs from different genres and an overview of the film and series novelties for you. At the tip of the month, we explain how to quickly record many songs from the radio. 

The Latest Chart Hits

Find out in Audials Brandnew which songs have been released recently and be up-to-date. 

Entertainment for Every Musical Taste

It doesn't matter if you like all genres or if you stay true to one musical style: In Entertain Music you will surely find the music you like. 

Film Soundtracks and Tips

You watch movies also because of the soundtracks? In Audials Movies and Soundtracks, we compile a monthly wish list for you with songs that appear in movies or series. Besides, you will receive movie and series tips. 

Songs for Relaxation and Good Mood

Whether you want to spend time with your loved ones, relieve stress, relax or simply need cheering up: Audials Moods wish lists will help you. 

Lyrics of the Month

This month we recommend a lyrics of the band Evanescence, you can get the lyrics here: Audials Lyrics. 

Independent Charts

Would you like to hear something different for a change from the genres you always liked? Then just try the Independent Charts

Tip of the Month

With mass recording you can record a lot of music of a certain genre within a short time. In addition, you can also specify the desired country. You can find out how to set up mass recording in Audials here

August 2020

For the last month of summer, you will receive recommendations for new music from the areas of pop, US singles, independent, etc. as well as new films and series. We wish you a lot of fun with it and exciting entertainment. 

Brand New Songs

Are you curious about the novelties the music world has given us? In Audials Brandnew you will find a list with the latest songs. 

Pop, Rock, US Single & Co.

Sorted by music genre, Entertain Music has more songs that you might like.

New Films and Series

Do you need replenishment for a movie night? We have put the streaming highlights for you together in Entertain Films & Series

Audials Moods

Enjoy the last month of summer with our two good mood wish lists, which you can access here: Audials Moods

Independent Songs

Are you already sure about your favorite music styles and you are looking for something new? Then the Independent Hits of the Month could be a nice variety for you. 

The Lyrics of the Month

In Audials Lyrics, we present you a lyrics that stands out. The song picked this month is about the relationship between dream and reality. 

Tip of the Month

Do you often watch a certain live stream? In this guide, we'll show you how to add it to your favorites in Audials to make it easier to find it again. So you can play it in the twinkling of an eye and record it if you wish.

July 2020

Enjoy the summer with the Audials wish lists for the genres pop, rock, US singles, music videos, dance, the nineties as well as independent. Additionally, there are film and series recommendations as well as the tip of the month.

The Latest Chart Songs

Stay updated with Audials Brandnew which artists have recently released new songs.

The Most Important Genres at a Glance

In Entertain Music you will as always find a wish list for each genre: pop, rock, video charts, and more.

Film and Series Tips

Are you curious about a new series or a film? In Entertain Films, Series and Soundtracks we have a few suggestions for you.

Audials Moods

In Audials Moods, we offer you music for different moods. In addition to Happy Moods & Co., there is also a Moods wish list especially for the summer months.

Indie Hits

This month's Independent Hits give you the opportunity to bring even more variety to your music collection.

Audials Lyrics Recommendation

Which lyrics stand out this month? We'll reveal only one thing: It is a song by Halsey and Marshmello. You can check out the lyrics in Audials Lyrics.

Tip of the Month

Maybe once while you were listeing to the radio, you thought it was too bad that you hadn't started the recording before. Because you liked the song that was played. In the generation 2020 Audials software, you can call up the history of a radio station and save a completely played song on your PC afterwards. Here's how to do it. 

June 2020

This month you will get many music wish lists, information about new series and films as well as a tip for using the Audials software. We wish you good entertainment!

The Latest Chart Songs

Find out which songs have been released recently in Audials Brandnew. Check out the corresponding wish list here.

Rock, Dance, Video Charts & Co.

Discover the variety of music genres with our wish lists in Entertain Music.

News about Films and Series

What are the highlights in video streaming? You can find it out in Audials Films and Soundtracks.

Music for Different Moods

Whether for relaxing or just for a good mood: In Audials Moods you will find the right music for it.

Even More Variety of Music

Want to try something new? With the Independent Hits of the Month, you can add more hits to your music collection!

Lyrics Recommendation

This time you will get in Audials Lyrics the lyrics of a new song by the Rolling Stones.

Tip of the Month

Those who like creating playlists from chart hits can save time with Audials software of the last generation: In Audials, you can enter the URL of a website that lists chart songs and directly create a playlist. Here it is explained how you can do that.

May 2020

The Coronavirus continues to keep many countries in suspense, therefore it is still important to stay at home whenever possible. To make this time more pleasant for you, the Audials Informer has a lot of new wish lists, film and series tips ready for you.  

Brandnew Songs

Snatch the popular wishlist Audials Brandnew with the latest songs. 

Discover the Diversity of Music

In Entertain Music you will find more chart hits sorted by genre. There you will definitely find something that matches your taste. 

Film and Series Tips

Learn in Audials Films and Soundtracks which films, series and documentaries were the highlights in April. 

Audials Moods

You need more songs preventing you from being sad? You will find a wish list in Audials Moods

Indie Hits

For all the Indie-lovers there is another wishlist for you: Independent Hits of the Month.  

Lyrics Recommendation

Every month we are on the lookout for special lyrics for you. Let yourself be surprised by the meaning of this month's pick on Audials Lyrics.

Artists of the Month

In Audials Tribute we introduce four artists. Additionally, there's a wish list with a selection of their best songs.  

Tip of the Month

Do you enjoy listening to certain radio stations or artists and want to get more songs that fit your music taste? For this, the music bot is the ideal function in Audials One. We'll explain how to use the bot here

April 2020

The past few weeks have been a very twitchy time for people all around the world because of the coronavirus. Physical contact with other people should be avoided if possible. The Audials Team wishes you healthiness and that you can overcome this time without any problems.  

It may be possible that you're currently at home and not sure about how to spend this additional time.  Maybe you want to expand your video library or music collection? In the Audials Informer, you will find wish lists for various music genres, series and movie highlights on Netflix and Amazon and much more! 

Find out about the Latest Songs

The first opportunity to expand your music collection is Audials Brandnew, which includes all the songs that have been published recently.

US Singles, Dance, Pop & Co

Sorted by genre, Entertain Music provides you with more wishlists including the best chart songs.   

Video Streaming Tips

For movies and series fans, we have compiled a list of highlights in video streaming in Audials Films and Soundtracks.  

Let Your Mind Wander

Bring spring home with Spring Moods, one of four wish lists in Audials Moods

Podcast Tip

Are you interested in technology? Then maybe the Audials Podcast of the Month would be an option for you? 

Independent Hits of the Month

You have already listened to all the songs of all your favorite genres? Maybe independent hits would be a good fit for you?   

Lyrics Recommendation

In Audials Lyrics, we present you a lyrics that is worth a closer look.    

Artists of the Month

In Audials Tribute, we suggest songs by artists who celebrated their birthday this month. Here you can also get some information about the artists themselves. Let us surprise you!   

Tip of the Month

With over 100,000 radio stations in Audials, it can be difficult to find the one that plays music you like. We'll explain how to find it quickly

March 2020

Discover through our latest newsletter songs, artists as well as movies and series for March. Get updated about the current chart and video streaming releases, save your time for endless research. The Audials team wishes you a lot of fun and the best entertainment!

Get the Music Novelties

Audials Brandnew will always keep you updated about which songs got released in the last few weeks.

Diversity of Songs in Entertain Music

Do you prefer certain music genres? In this case we have dance, pop and other wish lists in Entertain Music.

Streaming Highlights

Find out in Audials Movies and Soundtracks, which movies and series are available this month.

Good Mood with Audials Moods

Do you need music that cheers you up and has a calming effect? Then a wish list from Audials Moods might be the right pick for you.

Independent Songs

Or would you like to try something completely different in the music section today? How about Independent Hits of the Month?

Podcast Recommendation

Maybe there are terms and concepts that are used in the news and you do not know what they mean? Then the Audials Podcast of the Month could help you. 

Song Lyrics Recommendation

A lot of songs are all about romance. Our song lyrics recommendation, on the other hand, is an example of how it works quite differently. Learn more in Audials Lyrics.

The Artists of the Month

In Audials Tribute you can find wishlists with songs by artists who recently had their birthdays. Maybe you will find your favorite artists there too?

Tip of the Month

In the Television menu item in Audials One and Audials Movie, you can add a live stream by copying its URL into Audials and saving it as a favorite. You can find the instructions here.

February 2020

Regardless of whether the latest music, chart songs from different genres or a huge selection of recently streamed movies, shows or documentations: All this is waiting for you in February. 

Brand New Songs

You can't wait to listen to new releases? Then you must check out: Audials Brand New

Rock, Pop & Co.

In Entertain Music you can see wish lists for all six genres at a glance, waiting to be discovered by you. 

New Movies and Shows

In case you’re suffering from a lack of movies, we provide on the following website a collection of movies and shows, which big streaming services just added towards their media centers: Audials Movies and Soundtracks

Audials Moods

We ensure a steady good mood with the four Audials Moods wishlists.

Indie Songs

You are curious about different music than the mainstream one? Our suggestion: Check out Independent Hits of the Month.

Podcast Suggestion

For everyone who wants to stay updated on Internet and digitization, there is the Audials Podcast of the Month for February. 

Lyrics Recommendation

 Are you not only interested in listening to a song but also having a closer look on its lyrics? In Audials Lyrics you will find one that we have selected for you this month. 

Audials Tribute

Some information about those artists who had their birthdays in January and wish lists including their songs can be found in Audials Tribute

Tip of the Month

Have you ever tried radio stations mass recording? This feature enables you to choose a music genre and a country. Audials then will record a huge amount of songs for you to your taste. You will find an instruction for the mass recording feature here. 

January 2020

Just in time for the New Year's Eve will this newsletter include music and movie recommendations for you. Audials thanks you for your loyalty and wishes you good entertainment as well as best wishes for the New Year!

The Latest Chartsongs

Which songs got recently released? Check Audials Brandnew to find out and view the list of ten chart songs we've put together.

Discover Variety of Genres

Discover with Entertain Music genres of music that you may not have heard before. Just rummage around!

Movies, Series and Movie Soundtracks

The highlights of Netflix and Amazon, as well as a wish list with movie music, await you among Audials Films and Soundtracks.

Audials Moods

Are you on holiday now? Then maybe you just want to relax with suitable music from Audials Moods.

Independent Music

For our Indie fans, we have something down the patch. Find out more here: Independent Hits of the Month.

Podcast Tip

More in the mood for podcasts? Check out our favorite one on Audials Podcast of the Month.

Songtext of the Month

The melody of a song can captivate us directly – or it does not. Whether we like lyrics we can only decide by taking a closer look. In Audials Lyrics, we present you a special one.

Artist of the Month

In Audials Tribute, we collect four artists who were born in the current month or those we unfortunately have to say goodbye to. Did we catch one of your favorite artists? Just take a look.

Tip of the Month

We added a new feature relating to Spotify in Audials 2020. Spotify playlists can now be easily and unchanged transferred to Audials. The songs are saved as links. Keep a good overview of all your playlists in the Playlists view. Here is the guidance.

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