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Audials One offers the most options for your entertainment

Internet radio & streaming recorder for music, videos and movies. Format converter for all media types & playback devices

Audials One Overview

Audials Windows software hooks you up with Music-and-more, Streaming, Universal Converter, as well as a Media Center. There are 14 different function areas, for which you can view the corresponding screenshot with just a click of your mouse.

Music-and-more  hooks you up with free music and entertainment from your favorite radio and TV stations from all around the Internet

Thousands of Internet radio stations and intelligent direct Internet searches help Audials fulfill all of your music wishes. 10,000,000 songs are available as MP3s with a single mouse click. For a change, mix it up with Podcasts or Music TV. Jump to Music-and-more

Streaming  lets you save music and movies from websites and pay-services

The Audials Recorder can download videos from Internet sites and music from subscription services, e.g. make MP3 recordings, as well as record Movies and TV-Shows while you watch them from Online Videotheques. Jump to Streaming

The Universal Converter  copies and converts anything into the right file format

The Audials Universal Converter expertly deals with all file-formatting issues for music, audiobook, DVD and movie files. The Universal Converter then gives you those files in the right format every time to enjoy on your PC, smartphone & tablet. Jump to Universal Converter

The Media Center  manages your treasures on your PC, portable devices and clouds

Audials offers you tons of options to amass your own impressive music collection and private videotheque. Audials includes many media management functions for your PC or cloud, lets you stuff your smartphones & tablets with your favorite media and even has a convenient media player with tons of extra features to enjoy your media. Jump to Media Center

Audials software is available for Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP

Audials employs the latest technologies to give users all the pros of Microsoft operating systems and optimized user interfaces on every playback device. Systeminfo


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Audials Apps are the perfect way to get the most from your Audials Windows software

Audials Apps are a perfect fit for your Audials One software. Audials give you tons of extras and is available for Android smartphones & tablets, Apple iPhones™ & Apple iPads™ or as a free app for your favorite browser. Learn more about Apps

Try without registration and have a first look

System requirements for Audials software

Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP (with SP2) 
1 GB hard drive space
DSL internet access

Audials software runs with Parallels and installed Windows 7 on MacOS.

Audials Radiotracker

Demo versions with certain limits offer a good start to get to know the software
Music Recording Demo Limit (Music files)
25 25     25
Video Recording Demo Limit (Videos) 25   25 25 25
Audio Conversion Demo Limits (Minutes) 2   2    
Video Conversion Demo Limits (Minutes) 10   10 10  
VCD Conversion Demo Limits (Minutes) 2   2 2  
Screen Recording Demo Limits (Minutes) 10   10 10 10
DVD Conversion Demo Limits (Minutes) 10   10 10  

Audials Music-and-More

Load up on free Music as MP3s from the Internet.

Maximize your entertainment with your favorite Radio Stations, TV-Shows, Podcasts and Music TV.


Find, record and enjoy all the best Radio stations around playing your favorite Music

Audials lets you easily find 85.000 of the best Internet radio stations anywhere that play your music more often than the others. Listen to radio stations with all the extras and make high-quality recordings of your favorite songs and save those files as MP3s. Audials in 120 Seconds

Audials has the largest database with the most radio stations found online!

Audials has the largest database with the most radio stations found online!

Browse the radio station database by genre, country of origin or local radio stations. Alternatively you can browse for your favorite radio station by entering in your favorite artist.

The best player for Internet radio stations!

The best player for Internet radio stations!

Audials One delivers live info about the station you want to listen to, before you play it! Flip through all your favorite radio stations with just a click. Use the Top-hits feature to change directly to a radio station currently playing a top hit. The Radio-history feature lets you save your favorite tracks from Internet radio station after the song has stopped playing.

Our expert chill-out tip: Run your Audials One Radio Player in a small separate window and enjoy your favorite tunes on your favorite radio station, while you run other programs.

Record tons of MP3s from your favorite Music genre

Record tons of MP3s from your favorite Music genre

Automatically record any of your favorite songs from as many Radio stations as you wish and save those tracks as individual songs. Songs are perfectly recorded to the second as MP3, WMA or AAC files from Radio streams, complete with ID3 tags, album artwork and images and song lyrics. Increase the convenience with mass recordings by genre. Simply select your preferred genre and Audials One automatically records all the songs you want from the best Radios available until your specified limit has been reached.

Wanna learn more about the available Radio features? Radio

One-of-a-kind options for targeted, automatic and free music!

The music search feature lets you let Audials scour the Internet for your favorite songs. But the best way to get all of your favorite individual songs, albums, samplers or entire catalogues by your favorite artists is to combine the music wish, music search and targeted radio station recordings features. Read on and take full advantage!

Music search

Get individual hits right away via direct downloads

Audials One gives you the most top-quality options of acquiring music by downloading from your favorite Internet sites and then converting those files to MP3, WMA or AAC formats. And the best part is: it's fast, it's free and it's 100% LEGAL! Audials in 120 Seconds

Find & download music & music videos

Find & download music & music videos

Audials One does all the work for you! Let Audials simultaneously search numerous audio and video portals for your favorites, by your favorites. All matches are grouped together clearly by album to let you conveniently record the desired title as a video or song immediately. Audials even lets you preview the located tracks before recording! You can also take advantage of the plug-ins available in the Audials Community to get even more tuneage from even more sources.

Audials makes finding music online tons of fun

Audials makes finding music online tons of fun

Top-hits are highlighted in the search results, and with just a single click on the download button Audials begins downloading the song you want. The Audials autoplay mode automatically plays back the top hits found. Turn Audials into your own customized radio station!

Find new music in the Music Universe

Find new music in the Music Universe

The Music Universe displays similar artists to your favorites - including band pics! And popular artists appear with larger images. The similarity of music style between artists is indicated by the varying degree of thickness of match lines. With just a single click, you can call up a similar artist and get even more suggested bands and artists.

Wanna learn more about the Music Search feature? Find and download MP3s

Music wishes

Ideal combination of fast direct downloads and targeted radio recordings

Audials One gives you 10,000,000 songs from 1,000,000 albums by 870,000 artists. 100% free and completely legal! Only Audials software can simultaneously search dozens of music websites and monitors thousands of radio stations around the world with its own network to give you your desired music mega fast. Songs that Audials cannot locate via the fast music search feature are delivered via targeted recordings of Internet radio stations. That's something only Audials can do!

Get your targeted Hits, Albums or entire Discographie of your Stars

Get your targeted Hits, Albums or entire Discographie of your Stars

Just click the album to get all the albums by your favorite stars. With just a single click, Audials software rounds up all the tracks from a specific album. You can also select individual titles to record. Just choose a song, artist or album and click to get started. In no time flat, Audials One fulfills all of your music wishes with ID3-tags, album artwork and lyrics and stuffs your hard drive full of music-shop quality music!

All the Charts and new ideas straight to your hard drive

All the Charts and new ideas straight to your hard drive

Stay up to date with the current charts each and every month with the Audials Notifier. Import additional musical inspiration from the community with wishlists from other users to give yourself new music and keep your collection up-to-date.


Free trial with any risk!

Download, install and learn how easy you can use Audials. The demo software shows you nearly the complete feature set with only a few limits. It´s free and you need no registration to test it.

Wanna learn more about Music Wishes? Wishlists


A different type of entertainment to see and hear

Audials One hooks you up with additional free entertainment with the integrated Podcatcher. The self-updating Podcast database delivers over 120,000 Audio and Video Podcasts with more than 500,000 episodes. Subscribe, download and enjoy the best Podcasts from around the world for free! Audials in 120 Seconds

Thousands of Podcasts

Thousands of Podcasts

Indie shows, cultural science programs, language courses by the BBC, music and technology programs and much more give you a wide range of current infotainment. Many Radio stations offer a host of Comedy Podcasts in addition their standard music program. With Audials One, you will never miss a single highlight!

Wanna learn more about Podcasts? Podcatching

Music TV

Round the clock Music Videos from the best Music TV Stations online

Run Music TV with the Audials player in a small separate and enjoy your favorite tunes on your favorite radio station, while you run other programs.

Numerous music TV channels in video streams

Numerous music TV channels in video streams

Audials gives you round-the-clock entertainment with a massive selection of the best music TV channels to enjoy in the Audials player. With Audials Music TV you can just chill.

Wanna learn more about Music TV? Music TV

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Top performance coupled with tons of benefits and the best options around

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Audials Streaming

Record Music, Videos and Movies from any source.

Get the most from Music services and Online Videotheques.

Record music

Get the most out of music services for your music collection with Audials One

Audials is your universal recorder. Audials One gives you a special recording function for recording audio streams from music services - while you listen. Audials then gives you these recordings as MP3, WMA or AAC files. Audials in 120 Seconds

Audials One records anything you can hear online!

Audials One records anything you can hear online!

Songs from Audio streaming sites, social radio stations and Music services, e.g. Napster™ or Spotify™, are recognized as such, isolated from the stream and automatically saved with all the corresponding tags. If you can listen to Music on a website or in the player provided by streaming software, Audials will automatically record it and save it as an MP3 file.

Wanna learn more about Recording Music? Audio Streaming

Additional information about Audials and music services. Music subscriptions

Save Videos

Audials One is your recorder for Movies from the Internet

Audials lets you record anything from the Internet straight to your PC. Audials records movies from online videotheques, TV series from mediatheques and videos from Internet sites. Audials then gives you those files in the best possible quality and in any desired file format. Audials in 120 Seconds

Record all the Videos & Movies you want with a single click

Record all the Videos & Movies you want with a single click

More and more Video portals are switching to HTTPS for added protection, which means that most tools can only offer marginal recording functionality. With Audials, however, you can record any type of video no matter what broadcast format is used. Audials then saves the Videos and Movies from your favorite online destinations without sacrificing quality or compromising size.

Our tip for movie fans: The Audials Notifier keeps you up-to-date with the latest links to record the latest movies for free. Audials hooks you up with these links to let you amass your own movie collection without spending a small fortune on a membership for an online videotheque or on-demand service.

Be clever with Music Videos

Be clever with Music Videos

Audials lets you find and download the best Music Videos in many portals and convert them in the right format for your PC, Smartphone and Tablet. Audials also lets you automatically record and save Music tracks from Music Videos in the background as Music files while you watch. Talk about clever!

The true test of software: Audials One is your recording for Movies online

The true test of software: Audials One is your recording for Movies online

Audials gives you a button to record all Videos and Movies in any browser or stream player right next the file you are playing. Just click it and Audials automatically saves the Video. Audials records movies from Online Videotheques, Mediatheques or Video streams and saves these files in any format for your playback device.

Keeping up with all the platforms: Mission accomplished!

Keeping tabs and keeping up with all the different types of stream formats and standards to let you continue making records from any source is a major challenge. There are hardly any other software tools on the market that can claim to record from such a wide range of streams. As an added free bonus, Audials ensures that a given product generation stays up to date with all the possible changes a video service implements to remain fully functional.

Additional information for Saving Videos. Download videos from websites

Additional information for Online Videotheque users (VoD). Record from video stream

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For just a few bucks you can get the best media software around to use on your computer, and amass and edit all your free entertainment. Don't miss out!


Not completely convinced? Test it out for free!

Download the free demo version without registering and give Audials One a try with absolutely no strings attached. If after trying out Audials, you are not convinced of all the benefits laid out in these pages, you can simply uninstall the program with no added headaches.

Audials Universal Converter

The Universal Converter solves all file-formatting problems with Music, Audiobooks, Videos and Movies


Audio & Video format converter for all media and playback devices

There are plenty of audio & video converters out there, but only Audials can claim to have been reliably providing solutions for file-formatting issues with music, audiobooks and movies for any playback device since 2004. Audials in 120 Seconds

Audials One is your Universal Converter for all file formats

Audials One is your Universal Converter for all file formats

Audials is a Universal Converter for all audio and video formats for your PC, smartphone, tablet, netbook, notebook, ultrabook, game console and other playback devices. Audials converts music, audiobooks, videos and movies quickly into any format and in the highest possible quality.

Audio File Formats for PC, Smartphone, Tablet, Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod and all mobile devices
Input WMA (DRM copy-protected)
M4P M4B (DRM copy-protected)
OGG (Vorbis)
AAX (Audio book) WAV
AIFF (Apple)
AC3 (Dolby Digital)
AU (Sun Microsystems) (Audials Tunebite Platinum)
Output MP3
OGG (Vorbis)
AAX (Hörbuch)
Customizable video output profiles

Supported file formats

Audials software supports all the major file formats for music, audiobooks and audio podcasts. Audio

Audials also keeps you covered with every format for videos, video podcasts and movies. Video

Freedom for purchased movies and all playback devices

If you are having problems playing purchased movies and videos due to file-formatting issues, then look no further than Audials! Thanks to the legal re-recording process with the PerfectVideo quality guarantee, Audials solves any and all file-formatting problems, saves your files as new MP4, WMV or h.264 files and gives you unlimited use on any of your playback devices.

Video File formats for PC, Smartphone, Tablet, Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod and all mobile devices

Input WMV (DRM copy-protected)
M4V (DRM copy-protected)
WMV (wmv7 / wmv9)
M4V MP4 (mpeg 4)
MPEG MPG (mpeg 1 + 2)
MOV (Quick time)
FLV (Flash Video)
DV (Digital Video)
Output WMV (wmv7 / wmv9)
MP4 (mpeg 4)
Customizable video output profiles

Blu-ray movies in the right file format for PCs, smartphones and tablets

You can create MKV files from Blu-Ray movies by using an array of various tools, but not all playback devices are compatible with the MKV format. Audials, however, is there when you need it to reliably convert MKV movie files into MP4, WMV, AVI or other formats without sacrificing any quality. This lets Audials let you enjoy Blu-Ray flicks on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Enjoy your audiobooks on all your playback devices

Audials is the way to solve formatting issues to listen to and enjoy audiobooks on your portable devices. The format converter reliably saves audiobooks in the format you need, e.g. MP3. Convert audiobooks

Wanna learn more about the Universal Converter? Audio & Video Format Converter

Additional information for owners who want to enjoy their Apple iTunes™ movies permanently


Not completely convinced? Test it out for free!

Download the free demo version without registering and give Audials a try with absolutely no strings attached.

Copy DVD

Archive your DVDs and never lose them again

No matter how careful you use or store your DVDs, they are usually fit with a limited lifetime. The Audials DVD Copier, however, keeps you from losing your movies with a private copy. Audials in 120 Seconds

Archive DVD movies and play them on playback devices without DVD drives

Archive DVD movies and play them on playback devices without DVD drives

Copy DVDs in a blink of an eye. Audials' legal re-recording process makes limitless copying of DVDs a reality. Users with other playback devices without DVD drives, e.g. smartphones, netbooks, ultrabooks or tablets, can use Audials to convert all movies to play on their desired playback device.

Wanna learn more about Copying DVDs? DVD Copier

Audials Media Center

Conveniently manage your entertainment for your PC, Smartphone, Tablet and Cloud. High-quality Player for Radios, Music, Podcasts, Videos and Movies.

Audials One adds the shine to your music collection and helps you organize your media with easy-to-use functions. Audials loads up your Smartphone or Tablet with tunes. You can also use Audials as a Cloud manager and even turn your PC into a Personal Media Cloud! Audials in 120 Seconds


Conveniently manage and browse through thousands of Songs

Audials puts the finishing touches on your songs with ID3-Tags, Album Artwork and Song Lyrics. An array of individual settings lets you customize your Music collection. The Music Universe opens up a slew of new doors!

Audials One puts the finishing touches on your media collection

Audials One puts the finishing touches on your media collection

Audials automatically completes your media collection with ID3-Tags, Album Artwork and Song Lyrics, and does so during the recording process. Audials can also automatically equip imported Songs with tags to make sure all of your tracks adhere to the Audials standard. No matter if it's a small bundle of selected tracks or a massive bunch of Music files, Audials won’t short a single file!

Turn your Music collection into a spectacle!

Turn your Music collection into a spectacle!

Choose a genre, artist or album cover and you'll automatically get a detailed representation of the contents; You can sort your collection by seven different criteria. The added Extra: Audials has 500,000 images of artists and bands that are also displayed along with the contents!

Use the Music Universe to browse your Music collection

Use the Music Universe to browse your Music collection

The Audials Music Universe displays similar artists and a pic for every musician and band. Then with just a single click, you can add similar artists to your Music collection. This helps Audials find the best matches for making the perfect playlist for any occasion. Similarities between artists are depicted by match lines with varying degrees of thickness. You can then determine to have the Music Universe display matches based on similarity, balanced mix or popularity.

Load up your playback devices or Clouds!

Load up your playback devices or Clouds!

Audials fills your Smartphone or Tablet with media direct via a USB cable or via the Internet with Cloud storage. With a left/right view, Audials shows your music collection available on your PC and in the target folder of the attached device. The most significant clouds have been preconfigured and can be filled with media just like your preferred playback device. With Audials distributing your music is child's play! Audials in 120 Seconds

Wanna learn more about Music in the Media Center? Complete and organize

Additional information on Cloud Storage. Cloud Manager

Movies and Entertainment

Conveniently manage your own private Videotheque

The Movie and Entertainment view enables you to quickly locate a desired Video or recorded Film with having to resort to annoying and time-consuming searches.

Categorize Videos, Podcasts and Movies

Categorize Videos, Podcasts and Movies

Audials automatically sorts saved Video media to the corresponding category and Audials creates a thumbnail for every Video.

Your Videotheque - your way

Your Videotheque - your way

Instead of just having your video files displayed by title or description, you can also use thumbnails while browsing your collection. You can use three different display modes in your collection - multi-column table, list or with thumbnails.

Media files

Fill your Clouds and portable playback devices, use media on another PC

Audials is also a media center. In addition to recording, playing and editing, Audials can also sort your media and grant others access to your collection from other devices.

Wanna re-sort thousands of Music files? Not a problem with Audials!

Wanna re-sort thousands of Music files? Not a problem with Audials!

Audials lets you conveniently reorganize your massive music collection based on individual criteria. Make broad changes to all songs from an album, artist or genre with a just single right-click. With Audials you can resort the directory and file names in your collection according to 22 preconfigured or customized rules. Be it 10, 100, 1000 or more files, Audials has got you covered!

Audials turns your PC into your Personal Media Cloud

Audials turns your PC into your Personal Media Cloud

Enjoy your Music, Videos and Movies on all of your Computers, or while you're on-the-go with your Android Smartphone. Simply run your PC at home and Audials Anywhere lets you access browse, play and download your media.

Additional Information on Audials Anywhere. Personal Media Cloud


Versatile player and playlists for your Entertainment

Audials is the best Windows software around for acquiring your entertainment legally and completely for free. But Audials is a big-time player as well!

Visual playlists with album thumbnails and two-line description

Visual playlists with album thumbnails and two-line description

Display your playlists with text descriptions or with album cover images, and choose from seven different sort and group options. Export your playlists in any standard format to enjoy your media on non-Audials players. Alternatively, you can import playlists from other players, e.g. Winamp, and enjoy in Audials.

Audials turns your PC into a Jukebox

Audials turns your PC into a Jukebox

With the playlist generator, you can quickly and conveniently create playlists automatically. Simply enter in the genre or artist and Audials automatically creates a new playlist with matching music. Or go about it manually and drag and drop tracks from your music collection into a list and make your own customized playlist.

Enjoy your media with Audials One

Enjoy your media with Audials One

Enjoy your music, videos, podcasts and movies in the integrated Audials player, either in a separate window or fullscreen mode. Edit tags and album covers quickly and conveniently when viewing the song file. Audials also hooks you up with additional editing functions with just a click letting you, e.g., automatically retro-tag any song.

Wanna learn more about the Audials Player? Multimedia player for audio & video


Make Audials look and feel the way you want it to!

Don't like the standard Audials appearance? Then personalize your Audials to suit your mood with 20 different user interfaces. Go for a relaxed feel with subdued hues, add an air of the outdoors with nature slideshows or animated submarine motifs, be bold with shrill tones and skyscraping skylines or set up Audials with classic Audials designs or a modern Windows 8 look & feel.

Minimize Audials to bare essentials

You decide what you want to see of Audials. Check Activate/Deactivate in options to view or hide any function, e.g. minimize the navigation function to the left, or the player to the right. You can also resize any individual function to fit your screen by dragging it with your mouse, or change the font size on any of the Audials user interfaces from 87% to 150%.


Last chance download

Congrats! You've made it to the end! Hopefully you have seen what Audials software can do for you and your entertainment. Now get some hands-on experience of everything Audials can do by downloading the free demo. Or dive right in and purchase Audials One:

Buy now!Buy now!

Buy now!

Switch now at an amazing price and get all that Audials has to offer now, and in the future! You can get Audials software on a yearly basis with individual licenses or get the gold subscription and your software will be automatically updated with all the great new features and extras in subsequent Audials' generations. Switch now and get the best Audials software ever at an amazing price. No matter if you go for the license or the subscription, there are no strings attached. Learn more about the Gold subscription

Continuing list of features of Audials One

RADIO – Listen to and record Internet radio stations
Make individual song recordings (MP3, WMA, AAC) from any Internet radio station
The world's largest database containing over 85,000 Internet radio stations
Optimized navigation with page tabs to display by genre or country
Display and filter by editing quality, bitrate, stream type
Live radio player that displays the album cover of song currently played
High-powered instant search function for radio stations by genre, country, commonly played artists and/or stream quality
Top artists by genre deliver matching radio stations
Make automatic and parallel mass recordings of numerous stations by genre, country, artist
Recordings edited to the millisecond via PerfectRadio, fingerprint-based editing of individual songs
Display stations not requiring post-editing after recording (diamond stations)
Detailed adjustable quality: only those songs that fulfill your specifications for editing accuracy, bitrate, etc. are saved
Timer for time-controlled radio recordings
Job-Function: assign track count and data quantity
Automatically add ID3 tags and album artwork to radio recordings via Internet meta searches
Automatically add song lyrics via Internet meta searches
Create as many favorite lists as you want
Automatic synchronization of favorites on all user PCs
Pin various radio views to navigate quickly to your favorites
Song history: subsequently saves all music previously listened to
Normalize the volume of all radio recordings to a uniform level
Fading features can be set to the ends of the recording
High-performance editing enables fine-tuning of radio recordings
Add your own radio stations
Automatic categorization of recordings by genre
Audials Apps: synchronize all your favorite media to use on smartphones/tablets
MUSIC SEARCH - search the Internet for songs and music videos
Simultaneously search numerous Internet portals for songs and music videos
Artist catalog sorts search results into a discography for easy access
Simultaneously download/record as many music files as you wish
Music Universe enables visual browsing of similar artists
Save music videos with just a click
Save the audio track from music videos as an audio file (e.g. MP3) with just a click
Label the best hits, sort search results by rating
Expanded search via plugins. Use the plugin-community to access dozens of additional source
Automatically converts files into the desired audio or video format
Automatically add album artwork, ID3 tags and song lyrics via additional tag meta searches
Supports samplers and 'best of' albums (i.e. all songs on samplers are searched)
Auto play enables automatic continuous play of the top songs by a given artist
Filter search results by various criteria or free text
Directly link (without downloading) search results in playlists
MUSIC WISHES – Songs from radio stations and the Internet
Monitor thousands of radio stations simultaneously according to desired music
Simultaneously run a parallel meta search of all the major online portals
Automatically record a radio station from around the world, whenever it plays your desired music
Automatically records one of the supported music or video portals, if it contains your desired music
Recordings from radio stations with perfect recording quality (no post-editing necessary) available
Wishlists completed as audio files, music videos, or both
Bolster search database with plugins from the plugin-community
Comprehensive music database helps you define your music wishlist
Wishlists may contain complete albums
Wishlists may contain several artists; the best-quality songs by each artist are recorded
Wishlists may contain sampler albums; all songs are recorded
Use wishlists from the wishlist-community
Generate wishlists by genre
Automatically generated suggestions simplify creating wishlists
Use as many wishlists as you want
PODCASTS – Subscribe to and enjoy episodes
Comprehensive database with more than 120,000 international podcasts
Watch or listen to episodes immediately via streams
TV shows, informational, music - more than 25 popular categories
Find and sort by language, name and popularity
Download all episodes with a click, and automatically convert into the desired format
Subscribe: monitor new episodes and download automatically
High-powered search by title, episode, topic, comments
MUSIC TV – Receive and watch video and shows
Contains all major music TV stations, with a selection of top channels
Live player enables simple, quick channel surfing
Adjust picture to any size or use full screen mode
Clearly arranged with station logo, country info and music genre
Add customized streams as a station at any time
Automatically update database with new stations
RECORD MUSIC – Save audio streams as individual songs
Record audio files from the network layer while separating those files into individual songs
Record any audio file from any audio stream with fingerprint-based recognition and subsequent separation into individual
Records every stream from any location in individual, named songs
Perfect for streaming services, social radio stations, music portals and all kinds of protected and protected streams
Automatic addition of ID3 tags, album artwork and song lyrics for recorded songs
Compatible with spotify,, simfy and many others
Pre-tagging optimizes capturing of complete albums
Recognizes links to MP3 files on visited websites, download MP3s with a click
Completely automatic feature may be activated to enable background processes (saves every song played)
High-powered in-place editor enables convenient addition of missing tags
Export recorded songs while recording
SAVE VIDEOS - Record and save video streams
High-performance video recording technology combines network sniffers and direct access to graphic cards
Simply save any video played on your PC in the highest quality
Easy to use via micro recording windows for every video
Mini display of all running stream to conveniently select videos to record
Automatic background recordings of all played videos available
Record user-defined picture sections as videos
Quality monitor function avoids loss of recording quality if computer load is too high
Automatically generated thumbnails to manage recorded videos
Perfect for video streams, online movie stores, media centers and video portals
Record and save all Apple iTunes' videos
Videos can be converted into suitable formats for any device during recording
Optional recording of audio tracks as MP3 files
CONVERTER - Audio & video conversion
Import all major audio formats to convert
Export audio formats include MP3, WMA, WMA Pro, OGG, WAV, M4A and FLAC
Converts protected audio files as well by playing those files and automatically re-recording them at high-speed
Import all major video formats to convert
Export video formats include WMV, MP4, MPEG4, AVI, 3GP and H.264
Converts protected video files as well by playing those files and automatically re-recording them from the screen
Extracts audio tracks from videos as audio files
Universal profiles for easy configuration
Simultaneously edit as many files as desired in parallel
Over 100 device profiles ensure optimized video output for all major playback devices
Optimizes files for PC, Mac, smartphone & tablet, Apple iPhone™ & iPad™, game consoles Xbox™ & PS3™ and many others
Batch conversion and automatic shut-down after completion of task available
Virtual CD driver enables converting for audiobooks
COPY DVDs – Copy protected and unprotected DVDs
Reads and converts unprotected DVDs directly, convenient partial-automatic selection of main film and language
Copy and archive protected DVDs by playing and rerecording those files
Converts any DVD to the correct format for tablets, smartphones and netbooks
MEDIA CENTER – Enjoy music, movies and entertainment anywhere
Convenient player with playlist management functions and graphic cover display
Music Universe enables visual browsing of similar artists in your own collection
Various displays available according to artist, genre, etc.
Easy to use for beginners, expert displays available with configured information columns
Automatic reloading and display of artist photos
High-power search of entire medial collection
Playlists for similar artists and genres generated automatically
Supports YouTube, etc., links and videos in playlists
2High-performance dual-device display enables flexible transfer from and to a wide-variety of devices and file locations
Optimized for Android-Smartphones & Tablets, Apple iPhone™ & iPad™
Preconfigured for all major clouds: upload, download, sync and use in playlists
Copying in the background, status bar for devices
Audials Anywhere enables remote access to media collection, use PC as private media cloud
Automatic Internet searches for missing ID3 tags, album artwork and song lyrics
High-performance tag editor, easy drag-and-drop tagging available
Flexible rule-based re-sorting of file names / folders available for entire music collection
Ringtone editor: create ringtones conveniently. Wireless uploading to cell and smartphones available
Audio Editor enables post-editing of music files