Audials One Records & Converts Everything

Streaming Recorder for Video and Audio. Listen to and Record Internet Radio Stations.Converter Tool for all Media and Devices

What is Audials One Best at?

Audials One is best in the massive, fast, legal and free supply of music! Only Audials One searches the best music sites and simultaneously monitors thousands of radio stations throughout the world using the Audials Radio Network. This ensures you are provided with the music you want lightning-fast! You get the charts, singles, albums or the complete discographies of your favorite stars only with the turbo from Audials One. Promised!

The Internet Recorder: Record Anything! Save Everything!

Radios, music streaming from Spotify, series & blockbuster movies from video streaming from Amazon & Netflix and video clips are recorded by Audials One saved in top quality as individual files. This means you can snatch up any unprotected and protected media from the Internet and enjoy it on your PC, smartphone or tablet - anywhere and anytime!

No More Problems with Media Files!

85 file formats and 84 device profiles are on offer to you to ensure the easiest usage. This enables you to copy and archive music, videos, audiobooks, podcasts, films and DVDs and also to convert them to the right format for smartphone, tablet and gaming consoles.

Audials One is available for Windows 10, 8 and 7

Download free demo. Get to know Audials and its possibilities.  If you aren’t pleased, you can uninstall the software without a trace.

Audials One Gold subscription saves 40%!

Audials One includes all the features of all Audials Windows products. Upgrade now to get the special price!

Audials Apps Are the Perfect Counterpart for Audials Windows Software

Enjoy radio, podcasts, music, and media at any time on your iPhone or Android smartphone with the free Audials apps, which is popular with millions of users.

Music Wishes

Music Wishes

Search + Download from Youtube, Soundcloud & Co and combined Radio Recordings, provides Wish-MP3

With Audials One you can get 12.000.000 music tracks by 3.000.000 artists legally and for free! No other software fills your hard disk so quickly with the newest hits and the music you desire from 120 genres and every era.

Audials Turbo! Exclusively with Audials One!

Audials Turbo! Exclusively with Audials One!

Audials One is the only software to browse the best music websites like YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc and to use the Audials radio network to simultaneously monitor thousands of internet stations around the world to provide you with immediate and legal access to your favourite music in the best quality! Enjoy singles, albums or entire discographies by your favourite artists with this one-of-a-kind wish list.

The Charts and New Ideas delivered Free

Automatic access to the charts and an entire universe of music completely free of charge

Audials helps you to fill your wish list with the best music. Simply type in the artist and pick out your favourite tracks or albums, or just download the lot.
Audials also provides you with the rock charts, the schlager charts, the German music video charts, the pop charts, the dance charts, the US single charts, the 80s charts and the US music video charts. You can also enjoy compilations and samplers, similar music and a whole lot more.
Most impressive is our unique “MusicZoom” universe. You can browse through every artist in the world on a maps of genres. Audials will make all your musical wishes come true.

Get to Know Audials with the Demo Version!

Audials One is available for Windows 10, 8 as well as 7. Download demo try it out with no obligations. Installation starts with one click, no registration required. The demo can be uninstalled later without a trace.

Music Search

Music Search

Search + download on YouTube, Soundcloud etc. for instant access to tracks and entire albums in MP3 format

Audials One is exclusive as the only software in the Audials family to offer the fastest option of downloading directly with video-to-audio conversion from well-known audio and video portals. This enables you to get music in MP3, WMA or AAC file format legally and free of charge.

Download Music and Music Videos

Download Music and Music Videos

Audials One simultaneously searches the best legal music sources for tracks by your favourite artists. The results are then divided into albums and all you have to do is simply click on the title of the video or song you wish to listen to or save as an MP3. You can also choose to “link” your favourite music as a way of expanding your music collection by 1000s of tracks in a matter of minutes!

New Top Songs Feature for the Music Search

Top Songs Feature for the Music Search

Let Audials know what kind of music you like by, for example, using a track, a genre or an artist as a reference. All it takes is one click and Top Songs will then provide you with a playlist of songs suited to your taste. You can choose to listen and download the tracks individually or all at once. The same goes for music videos and also karaoke videos. In just a matter of minutes, Audials will provide you with a great deal of new music.
Our unique “MusicZoom” – a map of musical genres with millions of tracks created using artificial intelligence – grants you access to an abundance of hits!



Find, Record and Enjoy the Best Radio Stations for Your Music Taste Fast and Comfortably

From a wide range of 100,000 of the best internet radio stations, Audials enables you to quickly find the stations that play your favourite music. You can also filter down the results by determining the artist you wish to listen to. 120 musical genres, countries, languages, local radio stations and more are yours to explore!

The Largest Database with the Most Internet Radio Stations!

The precise-editing radio recorder provides masses of MP3 music

With its powerful fingerprint technology, Audials is the only software to offer high-precision edits of tracks, providing you with MP3 files that are automatically supplemented with tags and lyrics. Thanks to the mass-recording function, you can even rip hundreds of stations at once to find the genres of your choice. Your collection of music will expand significantly in a matter of moments!

Useful Extra Functions for Maximum Personalization and Individuality

Audials learns from your usage and finds new radio stations corresponding to your music taste with the “Suited to me” function. You can also add your favorite radio stations to different favorites lists, enabling you maintain a full overview of everything. The highlight: You can also use the same favorites lists on other PCs by using a free Audials account and also on your smartphone of tablet by using the Audials app.

Try the Demo: Easy and Straightforward!

Simply download the demo and try it out with no obligations. No registration is required. The installation starts with one click. The demo can be uninstalled later without a trace.

Audials One Is Always the Best Choice

Usw Audials One license key on three PCs. With the Audials Gold subscription you always get the latest version and keep up with all the technical developments.

Useful Bonus Features

Useful Bonus Features

Save and enjoy all podcasts, TV media library content and music channels

Thousands of Podcasts for Comprehensive Entertainment

Thousands of Podcasts for Comprehensive Entertainment

Audials provides you with additional free-of-charge entertainment with its integrated podcatcher. With the self-updating podcast database, you can subscribe to, download and enjoy 260,000 different podcasts for free and as audio or video shows from the best podcast providers in the world!

Lots of Music TV Stations with Video Streaming

While you are using other programs on your PC, you can leave music TV running using the Audials player as a detached window. Audials entertains you non-stop in its own media player with loads of the best music TV stations. 

Save Video

Save Video

Your streaming recorder for movies, TV series and videos on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and co

No matter if we’re talking movies from online video libraries, TV series from media libraries, videos from websites or simply an area of the screen – Audials will record everything in the best quality and every possible file format.

Audials is Your Recorder for Online Films

Audials is Your High Quality Recorder for Online Films

On our Audials software, the most important video-streaming services, video portals and media libraries have been preconfigured. With highly-optimized recording processes which have been perfectly adapted to today’s adaptive encoded video streaming and are kept up-to-date with automatic updates, Audials saves video files legally and nearly always without any loss.

Simply record every video

On all the most important recording sources, Audials is able to automatically identify the names of the movies. All it takes is just one click if you wish to receive additional information such as the movie cover artwork, the cast and genre. As an alternative you can also add a recording square or simply record the whole screen.

Record All Videos and Films from the Internet with One Simple Click

Unique: Record dozens of movies or entire series at once!

You love series? Audials can play entire seasons on popular portals such as Amazon and Netflix and will then save each episode individually. You want to have your own movie collection? Add the movies to your “recording schedule” and Audials will play and record them all over night! Audials is the only software to offer this function.

Save Music

Save Music

Stream music on Spotify, Deezer, Napster and co, and save tracks with added tags

Audials is your music recorder. Audials has its own recording function designed especially for recording streams on services as MP3, WMA or AAC files.

Audials Records Everything You Hear Online!

Audials Records Everything You Hear Online!

Audials can identify tracks that are streamed on Spotify™, Deezer™, Napster™, Tidal™, Amazon Music™ and a number of other services, and will then record them and automatically add the corresponding tags. Whenever you’re able to listen to music on a website or a streaming-software player, Audials will record it and save it, for example, as an MP3. This also works equally as well on audiobooks on Spotify™ and Deezer™.

Audials is the only software that can record Spotify at twice the speed!

Audials is the only software that can record Spotify at tenfold speed!

Utterly unique: Audials can make Spotify play every track and record two pieces of music at the same time with five times the speed without doing any damage to the quality. This means it takes less time to save your own playlist of MP3s or AACs, but you get more music enjoyment.

Make perfect recordings of music and audiobook streams!

Audials One automatically records music from music streams with no adverts and perfect volume levels and saves it in the best quality and with all the corresponding ID3 tags to your hard drive, the cloud or on your smartphone in the most popular audio files formats up to 320 kbit. Audials can even find and add the lyrics to the songs.

Universal Converter

Universal Converter

Audio and Video Format Converter with 85 File Formats for All Media and 84 Profiles for All Devices

Audials One solves reliably issues with the copy protection of music, audio books, DVDs and movies and is an easy-to-use converter to bring all your media into the right file format for PC, smartphone and tablet.

Audials One Is Your Universal Converter for All Formats

Audials One Is Your Universal Converter for All Formats

Audials is a universal converter for every audio and video file format for PCs, smartphones, tablets, netbooks, notebooks, ultrabooks, gaming consoles and other devices. Music, audiobooks, videos and movies are quickly saved in high-quality formats. No matter if you want MP4, WMV, H.264, AVI, HVEC, H.265 or a hundred other formats, Audials can do it!

Audiobooks Lasting Hours Converted in Minutes!

With Audials One, you can convert audiobooks with or without chapters for all devices in MP3. To do this, Audials One uses audio book libraries, such as Apple iTunes, as a virtual CD drive. Using virtual burning, Audials then saves audiobooks as MP3 files in top quality.

Archive Films and Play Them on Devices Without a DVD Drive

The lifespan of purchased movies on DVD is often limited, even with careful use and proper storage. With the Audials One DVD copier, you can prevent losses by making a private copy. Unprotected DVDs are copied in a jiffy. Using the legal recording function of Audials, protected DVDs can also be copied. 

Get to know Audials with the Demo Version!

Audials One is available for Windows 10, 8 as well as 7. Download demo try it out with no obligations. Installation starts with one click, no registration required. The demo can be uninstalled later without a trace.

Audials One Is Always the Best Choice!

Audials One license key on three PCs. With the Audials Gold subscription, you always get the latest version and keep up with all the technical developments.

All Media Files

All Media Files

Fill up clouds and mobile devices. Use media on other PCs. Enjoy entertainment in comfort.

Audials offers many capabilities for building up your music collection and video library. This includes a media management area for PC and clouds, for filling up smartphones and tablets as well as a convenient media player with lots of extras.

Fill up Clouds and Mobile Devices

Audials enhances your music collection with ID3 tags and song lyrics, ensures a uniform normalization of the music pieces and plays them with the integrated player with playlists for your entertainment.

The media management is complemented by a video library sorted according to your criteria. With the help of its movie database, Audials automatically completes information for existing recordings and new movies.